Provocative fancy dress costumes go on sale ahead of Halloween, including Jeffrey Dahmer and the Queen

Online retailers have been spotted selling provocative fancy dress costumes ahead of Halloween, including serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Jeffrey Dahmer's aviator glasses are up for sale on eBay for £15.59. The Milwaukee cannibal's story is the subject of a recent Netflix series, bringing him back into the public mindset.

A Prince Andrew mask is on sale for less than £2 on, while an “Eighties TV presenter bad taste costume", which bears a striking resemblance to paedophile Jimmy Savile, is up for sale on for £27.99.

A mask using convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius’s face is available for just £2.49 on Amazon, and Smiffys is selling a “Dictator costume” resembling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un – with a 26 per cent discount – for £21.99, on Amazon.

A costume that makes the wearer look as though they’re receiving a piggyback from Queen Elizabeth is on sale for £64.99 from Bargain Fox. A similar costume, featuring Vladmir Putin rather than the Queen, is available for £46.99 from

People are likely to be offended by anyone dressing as Ghislaine Maxwell – sex offender and former socialite partner of Jeffrey Epsteinco – with a £8.35 mask from eBay.

And for less than £10, people can dress up as misogynist Andrew Tate, from eBay.