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Protect yourself from baking burns with the oven rack shields shoppers call 'real wrist-savers' — now 30% off

Whether you're meal prepping your lunches or whipping up a healthy weeknight meal for your family, you want to make the process as easy as possible. Personally, I love a sheet pan meal: Throw it all on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Whether you're a quick and easy cook like me or a bonafide chef, one thing we can all agree on: Burning your forearm on an oven rack while removing your pans is the worst. No more, thanks to these nifty LeeYean Oven Rack Shields! They slip over the edge of the rack to act as a guard, so just in case your arm grazes it, it'll be met by heatproof silicone, rather than a piping-hot piece of metal. Where have these been all our lives?

Just $1.75 a pop to save our poor wrists? Sign us up!

$8 at Amazon

While these oven rack shields aren't pricey even at their regular $10 price tag, right now you can save $3 on a pack of four and get them for just $7. While they've gone on sale before, this is the lowest price Amazon ever marks them down to. And, of course, saving your skin from oven burns for just $7 feels worth it.

Available in packs of four, these 14-inch BPA-free, food-grade silicone tubes are actual game-changers in the kitchen. They can be trimmed down to fit your oven's racks, or even the ones in your toaster oven or air fryer. To install, just slide them over the front edge of the rack via their open sides, which have little ridges that grip the metal. So easy! And if they get dirty, simply peel them off to clean.

They can withstand heat up to 446° F, and if you opt for the bright red ones, you'll be reminded to pay extra attention every time you open your oven. Considering how chaotic getting dinner on the table can be, these are must-haves for preventing everyday painful situations.

You can use these oven rack shields in your toaster oven or air fryer, too. (Amazon)
You can use these oven rack shields in your toaster oven or air fryer, too. (Amazon)

Over 4,100 Amazon customers have given the LeeYean Oven Rack Shields their five-star seal of approval.

"Save your skin — buy these," said one reviewer. "These work great! Simple to use and very effective. I had worried before buying them that sliding pans or cooking dishes in and out of the racks would cause these to pop off but the way they are designed keeps them in place. I used a whole one per rack, plus a part of another so I could cover the whole exposed edge."

"A real hand/wrist-saver!" exclaimed another satisfied shopper. "I am delighted with them! Not only to do they protect my hands/wrists from bumping into a hot rack when turning or removing items from the oven, they also serve as a 'bumper' to protect the door from the rack edge. And besides, the red color just looks cool through the oven door!"

"This item has saved my arms from the usual quick touch of the oven shelves. I have so many scars to prove it. Now I can cook/bake without worrying about getting burned. Great item," shared another happy customer.

"I have multiple sclerosis, and as a result, my localized depth perception is super off sometimes," shared a final fan. "I burnt myself on the exact same spot on my arm twice within one month from hitting the hot oven rack ... BUT, that was before I got these rack protectors! They’re easy to install, easy to fit and definitely worth it to avoid burns! They seem thick and good quality."

These oven rack protectors come in three colors, black, gray and red. While some shoppers love the red ones, because it's easier to see and avoid touching the track altogether, others didn't like how you can see the red through their oven window.

"Great, just don't get red!" said one shopper. "I bought the red, and now my wife and I perpetually rubberneck and scare ourselves with these because the red through the oven window tricks us for a second into thinking the oven is on. It's saved us from burns though, so it's worth it!"

"Product is good and useful for protecting my hands and arms, but don't get red!" said another. "Every time I glance in the direction of my oven or toaster oven, I'm startled by what my brain interprets as red hot oven racks. Wish I'd gotten another color."

"I bought the red ones, but now having an electric oven, I look twice to make sure I'm not seeing the oven burners being on," explained another. "No doubt I'll adapt. The silicone does a good job of protecting my hand and arm from getting burned. I'm glad I found these oven rack shields."

Not sure if red is for you? Get the oven rack shields in black or gray.

$8 at Amazon

And for even more arm protection, why not invest in a pair of extra-long oven mitts?

Not only will you get a 15-inch-long pair of silicone oven mitts to cover up your arms, you'll also get two mini pinch mitts and two silicone trivets! Choose from 12 colors. 

"These are the highest quality oven mitts I have ever used," wrote one customer. "If they should become soiled, just wash them like your hands with your hands still in them. No heat comes through and they are long to protect [your] arms. They are soft on the inside. I would gladly give these as a gift."

with coupon
$20 at Amazon

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