Are promise rings the new engagement ring?

Promise rings are on the rise, according to one online jeweller [Photo: Getty]

Promise rings were once an unheard of concept in the UK. Traditionally American, the piece of jewellery – which is usually bought to symbolise commitment before an engagement – is on the rise.

Online jewellery retailer Jewlr have revealed that promise rings are now their bestselling men’s product with more traditional pieces like wedding rings and cufflinks falling by the wayside.

The rings have grown in sales by a huge 162% with the number of women buying them for their partners going up by 210% year on year in the UK.

“Following our recent findings of women buying more of their own expensive jewellery, it’s interesting to see so many are starting to buy their partners ‘promise’ rings too,” said Jewlr CEO Tony Davis. “It’s clear that our UK customers are embracing the concept of the promise ring and women are being forthright in asking their partners for the commitment.”

Both men and women are wearing promise rings which can be bought for less than £100 [Photo: Jewlr]

The major rise is thought to have sparked from a number of celebrity couples who have been seen with their own promise rings.

FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson (who have reportedly just split) were pictured wearing matching rings on that all-important finger. Cheryl has also been pictured wearing what many believe to be a promise ring from her boyfriend and father of her child, Liam Payne.

So could promise rings spell the end for the traditional engagement? As weddings get more and more expensive (and less and less desirable), some couples may opt to stick to a simple promise rather than the full shebang.

People in the UK now spend an average of £573 on engagement rings with a wedding costing around £27,000, forcing the concept of marriage out of some couples’ reaches.

Relationship experts are warning people not to get too ahead of themselves if their partner gifts them with a promise ring. One woman asked The Knot if the ring meant her and her boyfriend were ‘pre-engaged.’

“If your boyfriend or girlfriend gives you a promise ring, it’s probably a sign they’re ready for more commitment, but not quite there yet in terms of getting married,” a marriage guru answered.

Celebrity couples like FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson reportedly wear promise rings [Photo: Getty]

“It’s great that you’re talking and thinking about your future together, but until you can both say with confidence ‘I’m engaged,’ it’s best to hold off on firming up your wedding plans. That doesn’t mean you’re not engaged if you don’t get a bended knee proposal or even have a ring (it’s cool if you’re planning on getting matching tattoos or are planning to save for a ring down the road).”

She finished by saying that “being engaged is a promise you’re going to marry that person” whereas a promise ring signals more of a general commitment. Although admittedly, it is easy to confuse the two.

The bands are also a more practical alternative for couples who feel they are too young and perhaps not financially stable enough to marry. Jewlr said that sales of their promise rings are 45% higher at the end of the summer when young couples buy them for their partner before returning to university.

Although it’s unlikely that your mum will understand the concept of a promise ring, it can be a more personal way of committing to your partner. And with promise rings selling for as little as £79, it’s a much cheaper option too.

Who’s in?

P.S. If you’re single, jeweller Fred and Far have invented a self-love pinky ring for women looking to make a promise to honour themselves, choose themselves and remember themselves on a daily basis.

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