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'Transformed my feet': Get ready for spring with this $7 callus eliminator — it's nearly 70% off

Spring has just arrived, and with the new season's beginning comes a wardrobe of T-shirts, sundresses, linen pants — and sandals. While occasional pedicures can be a salvation for the dry, rough skin that have accumulated over the winter, they can also be costly. And unless you’re regularly sloughing off the dead-skin buildup on your heels, a trip to the salon will only help temporarily. While some at-home remedies like Baby Foot can do the job, they take about a week before your dogs start to look better. If, however, you’re hankering for a quick and tres affordable fix, ProLinc’s Callus Eliminator is a great option — and it's nearly 70% off.

'Miracle product. This has transformed my feet,' said one happy reviewer.
$7 at Amazon

How it works

First, soak your feet in warm water until the skin is nice and pink. Spread ProLinc over calluses and wait three to five minutes. Once the gel has had time to soak in, gently slough off the dead skin with a pumice. Finally, wash from the ankle down to get rid of any debris! Want to top off your self-treatment with some extra moisture? A heel rescue cream will make you feel like you just had a spa day.

What users are saying

Over 4,000 shoppers gave this treatment a perfect five-star review. “Miracle product. This has transformed my feet," one of them wrote. "The lady who does my pedicures asked me what I’ve been using because nothing they used ever worked. I feel confident about my feet again and I am not afraid to show the bottom of my feet.”

A bottle of ProLinc Callus Eliminator
Call us impressed by this callus-removing wonder gel. (Photo: Amazon)

"Holy grail of foot care," said another ecstatic user. "I have badly, and regularly, callused feet... After five to seven minutes of soaking in the callus gel, I used the callus file; what I thought was the callus gel congealing on the file turned out to be my calluses coming off. Still not sure if I am impressed or disgusted, but either way, my feet feel and look amazing!!"

“Within one month of working as a new nurse, I developed cracks on my left heel,” one user related. “That was 16 years ago, and I'm still doing battle with them.... They also develop thick calluses that are hell to get off and keep off! I applied the ProLinc Callus Eliminator and waited the recommended time before using my new foot file..... All I can say is, ‘Wow!’ My heels are so baby-soft and smooth! This stuff is the real deal, most definitely!”

'Miracle product. This has transformed my feet,' said one happy reviewer.
$7 at Amazon

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