The Program: Where is Narvin Lichfield now?

 Narvin Lichfield via Netflix.
Narvin Lichfield via Netflix.

The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping is the sinister new Netflix docuseries that has viewers hooked, with many questioning where the likes of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) staff member Nathan Lichfield and Robert Lichfield are. The show is currently one of the top-rated documentary series on Netflix, uncovering the truth about what went on at WWASP 'school' Ivy Ridge. 

The real-life drama focuses on the treatment of 'troubled teens', looking in particular at the unsavoury methods used in a specialist school called Ivy Ridge in New York. One man who has found himself at the centre of the furore is Navin Litchfield, brother of Robert Lichfield who founded the WWASP.

The series has received rave reviews from fans, with one calling The Program "investigative, emotional and riveting" throughout its three episodes. It's no surprise that this hard-hitting documentary goes far beneath the surface, seen as its director, Katherine Kubler, was once an Ivy Ridge student herself.

After hearing the shocking story, many viewers are wondering what WAASP members Robert and Navin Litchfield are up to nowadays. Narvin in particular, has hit headlines lately after releasing a Facebook post about The Program and questioning its 'journalistic integrity'. This is what we know about where Narvin Litchfield is now and what he had to say about the docuseries.

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Who is Narvin Litchfield?

Narvin Lichfield is the brother of Richard Lichfield and also worked for the now-disgraced WWASP. Narvin became involved with the WWASP after seeing his elder brother's success with the program.

Narvin started in the Teen Help division, specialising in marketing and admissions, according to reporting from The Cinemaholic. The publication details that Narvin then went on to specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the WWASP and played a huge role in outreach for the company, raising awareness for schools like Ivy Ridge.

Where is Narvin Lichfield now?

Narvin Litchfield via Netflix
Narvin Litchfield via Netflix

Narvin Litchfield lives in Lehi, Utah, with his wife Suzette Jettaun Lichfield and the couple's large family, which includes Narvin's four children and five step-children. Narvin is very active on social media, often sharing snaps of the family spending time together on holiday. His Instagram account, which is set to private, has a bio that reads, 'I am a father and a friend to all I love the gospel of Jesus Christ restored 1820 to the boy Prophet Joseph Smith it is all I am and hope to be.. I hope.'

Narvin has taken to social media to post a response to The Program. In the post, he refers to some historical accusations of child abuse that were made against him and then later dropped by the court.

The full Facebook post began, 'In response to a recent Netflix documentary making claims of alleged abuse at programs connected to me personally, here are the facts as I have them in my possession; I was falsely accused in 2003 over 20 years ago by two male students at my school in Costa Rica by the name of Rancho Dundee. These two students I had never really met seeing that they came into the school while I was in South Carolina that summer.

'When a riot that was inappropriately, and even illegally started…I immediately got on a plane that night and left my aging parents who were in their 80s visiting me at my home in South Carolina from Utah. If I had been guilty of the alleged abuse of the two students I had never met, why would I go back to Costa Rica immediately and willingly?

'Four years later, when the case actually went to court, I was declared by the prosecutor to be innocent and they had no real legal allegations against me. As a matter of fact, the prosecutor himself asked for the non-guilty judgement which is very rare. To my knowledge this is the only legal accusation by any student directed against my person. We were licensed by the state DSS for over 14 years and we are proud to report that we never had a founded case of abuse in that time and certainly not one directed toward me personally.'

Narvin also claimed he 'never worked at Ivy Ridge and had nothing to do with its operation' so cannot 'speak to what went on there' - a statement that directly opposes what is said in the documentary. He then added, 'My heart goes out to the woman’s experience in the Netflix documentary, who seems to have a personal vendetta against me personally or any person that may have been involved at Ivy Ridge Academy.'

In the post, he also talked about his estranged son Nathan, criticising the Netflix show for interviewing Nathan without 'background checks', writing, 'So any testimony from him should’ve been vetted or those facts should’ve been stated in order to provide some level of journalistic integrity of the Netflix documentary.'

The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping is available on Netflix now