Professional gift wrapper shares top tips

Professionally trained gift wrapper Rachael Wood shares her top tips and tricks to use this Christmas.

Video transcript

RACHAEL WOOD: I'm Rachael, a professional gift wrapper at [? Hollywood ?] Studios and these are my industry secrets.

You can save the old ribbons from previous gifts and then just use some hair straighteners to make the ribbons look brand new again.

Dried flowers makes such a lovely accessory on any gift, plus they're eco-friendly.

The ancient art of wrapping gifts in fabric, it's a really nice way to give an extra gift as well.

If you've crushed your wrapping paper from last year, don't panic. All you need to do is scrunch it up into a ball, like this, and then flatten it back out and you'll get a really nice texture.

If you struggle to cut straight edges, don't worry. You can get scissors with a curvy edge to make it look really stylized or you could just rip the paper for a rustic feel.