Princess of Wales’ uncle says Harry ‘threw his family under a bus’

Gary Goldsmith on CBB
Gary Goldsmith admitted he likes to be entertained and is not easy to live with as he began his stint on reality television

Gary Goldsmith, the Princess of Wales’ uncle, has criticised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for “having a pop” at his niece when she could not defend herself.

As he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, the 58-year-old businessman suggested that Prince Harry had “thrown his family under a bus”.

He said that the Princess was “beautiful on the inside” and a doting mother, describing the monarchy as “family-centric”.

“That’s why I got so upset with Harry and Meghan because you don’t put a stick into that spoke and reinvent history,” he said.

“I’ve got pretty miffed when they had a pop at my beautiful niece who couldn’t say anything for herself.”

Mr Goldsmith also revealed that he had spoken to his elder sister, Carole Middleton, before taking part in the prime-time show and insisted that he would not cause the family any further anxiety as the Princess recovers from abdominal surgery.

“We talked about Kate given what’s going on,” he told The Sun.

“There’s lots going on in the family at the moment. So she’s spinning a lot of plates right now, it’s quite stressful. So the last thing I’m going to do is bring any stress to them.”

Gary Goldsmith at the launch of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother
Gary Goldsmith at the launch of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother - Shutterstock

But Mr Goldsmith wasted no time in exploiting his royal connections as he made his grand entrance on the live ITV1 show.

Introducing himself to viewers as “uncle to the future Queen of our country, Catherine Middleton, the current Princess of Wales”, he said of his niece: “She is simply perfect.”

Asked if the Princess would be watching the show, he said: “If she is, it will be behind the sofa, I guess… It will be a nice one in a nice house, I can guarantee that.”

Mr Goldsmith revealed: “The first time I met William, Catherine was cooking and William said, ‘Hi, do you want a cup of tea?’ Very normal.”

In comments that may send a ripple of fear through Kensington Palace, he added: “Every part of me is just riddled with mischief and danger.”

He said he was “an absolute nightmare to live with”, noting: “There’s a reason I’ve had four wives.”

Mr Goldsmith, wearing a white polo neck and matching jacket, then danced down the “runway” into the house with his arms outstretched, like a child pretending to be an aeroplane.

He is said to have been “read the riot act” by Carole Middleton, amid apparent concern that he will be unable to resist spilling family secrets on the prime-time television show.

He did little to allay such fears as he used the newspaper interview to admit that he has got “a self-destruct mode”, “opinions about opinions” and a mouth that “runs away with me”.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have never publicly reacted to the volley of criticism that has been aimed at them from the Sussexes, via their 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview, their Netflix documentary series, or Harry’s memoir, Spare.

The couple have suggested that the Prince and Princess are cold behind the scenes and jealous of Meghan’s success. The Princess has also been accused of commenting on their son, Prince Archie’s skin colour.

“Kate is 100 per cent not racist, neither is Carole,” Mr Goldsmith said.

“My family is not racist and for Kate to be portrayed as that is just so far removed from the truth, it’s ridiculous.”

Gary Goldsmith enters the Celebrity Big Brother house
Gary Goldsmith enters the Celebrity Big Brother house - James Veysey/Shutterstock

Goldsmith ‘does not like being controlled’

Mr Goldsmith is not thought to have had any contact with Kensington Palace about his Big Brother appearance, either to ask permission to take part or to thrash out the terms of his deal.

The tattooed father-of-one, known to his royal niece as Uncle G, has often been described as the “black sheep” of the family.

In 2009, he was filmed by undercover reporters at his Ibiza villa, La Maison de Bang Bang, apparently cutting up cocaine on the kitchen worktop and in 2017, he narrowly avoided jail after being convicted of attacking his wife during a drunken street row.

He has admitted he does not “take instruction or being controlled very well”. Mr Goldsmith was joined on the show by an array of celebrities including TV personalities Sharon Osborne and Fern Britton, broadcaster Louis Walsh and chef Levi Roots.

A Kensington Palace spokesman refused to be drawn into a conversation about Celebrity Big Brother, which first aired on Channel 4 in 2000.

The series, hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best, will be on television for almost three weeks.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday to Friday, 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX. Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch is available now on ITVX.