Princess Diana's secret heartbreak at family home unearthed

Princess Diana was raised at Althorp House in Northamptonshire, where her brother Charles Spencer still lives, but before that the family resided at Park House, and that's where the late Princess of Wales suffered her first heartbreak.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Earl Spencer described their parents' breakup making their childhood "agonizing and ruptured".

Their mother, Frances Shand Kydd, walked out on their father, John Spencer, fleeing the family home and after that five-year-old Diana expected her to return any day.

park house
park house

Diana was raised in Park House for her early years

Speaking to People magazine, Charles Spencer said: "[It] was tough on Diana. She used to sit on the doorstep at Park House and wait for her to come back."

Did you know Park House is actually located on the Queen's Sandringham estate, so Diana had a royal connection long before she dated a real-life Prince.

Althorp was where Diana first met the then-Prince Charles as he was introduced to Diana by her sister, Sarah Spencer.

The Althorp Estate is a place of fascination for many Diana fans and visitors often take floral tributes when they tour the stately home.

althorp lake
althorp lake

Diana is buried at the Oval lake at Althorp

Members of the public cannot visit Althorp at the moment, as it is closed for the season. Even when they can pay a visit they are forbidden from accessing the Princess' final place of rest which is located on an island in the middle of the Oval lake.

In Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, he detailed the day that he took his wife Meghan Markle to pay their respects by his late mother's graveside, including their troublesome journey and Meghan's special prayer.

"I was finally bringing the girl of my dreams home so she would meet my mother," the memoir reads.

The Prince has compared his wife to his late mother on a few occasions, including in his Netflix documentary...

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The visit to Diana's grave didn't go as planned as the vessel got stuck in the mud but luckily Diana's brother Earl Charles Spencer was on hand to give them "a little push".

They both asked Diana for "guidance" and to "see things clearly" during their poignant visit.

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