Princess Charlotte reveals she likes spiders as Cambridge siblings quiz Sir David Attenborough

Princess Charlotte has revealed her love of spiders as she and her two brothers had the opportunity to quiz their hero Sir David Attenborough about the natural world.

In a video shared by Kensington Palace, the three Cambridge children ask their burning questions to Sir David, who they were also able to meet in person last month.

A confident Prince George leads the pack, asking: “Hello, David Attenborough. What animal do you think will become extinct next?”

Sir David recalled seeing mountain gorillas when they were close to extinction, and shared how they were able to save them.

He said: “Let’s hope there won’t be any more that go extinct.”

Dressed in her school uniform, Charlotte then asked: “I like spiders, do you like spiders too?”

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Sir David replied: “I love spiders, I’m so glad you like them, I think they’re wonderful things.

“Why is it that people are so frightened of them? I think it’s because they’ve got eight legs which are much more than us and if you’ve got eight legs you can move in any direction.

“So people don’t like them, and they don’t like hairy legs either.

“But spiders are so clever. Have you ever watched one try to build its web? That is extraordinary, how does it make a circular web like that attached to trees on either side or bits of vegetation? Try and watch and see how they do it. It’s marvellous.”

Youngest brother Louis, who is just two, asked the last question. Dressed in a stripy jumper over a blue shirt, he said: “What animal do you like?”

Sir David, who at 94 is the same age as their great-grandmother the Queen, said: “I think I like monkeys best, because they’re such fun.”

But he added: “Mind you, you can’t have monkeys sitting around the home, because that’s not where they live. What can you have at home that you like? Which would you choose, a puppy or a kitten?

“It’s a very difficult question. I think I’d go for a puppy.”

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The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Louis watch as Prince George holds the tooth of a giant shark given to him by Sir David Attenborough. (Kensington Palace)

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The three children met Sir David last month as he visited Kensington Palace for a socially distanced viewing of his new programme, A Life On Our Planet, with Prince William.

William’s own documentary about the environment is due out next week, and also features Sir David.

In the trailer, William revealed having his three children spurred him on to do more with his environmental work, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

And in a clip showing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meeting Sir David, Kate says: “The children were very upset that we were coming to see you and they weren’t coming.

“They’re massive fans of yours.”

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During the garden visit last month, Sir David gave George a shark’s tooth which he had found in Malta during the 1960s.

However the well-meaning gift landed the young prince in the centre of an international row when the Maltese government demanding the tooth be returned to them.

They later backtracked and said the seven-year-old could keep the gift.

Prince William: A Planet For Us All is on ITV on 5 October at 9pm.