Princess Anne is the 'ultimate pair of safe hands' as she's named hardest working royal

Close-up of the Princess Royal smiling at military ceremony
The Princess Royal has been named the hardest working royal (Getty)

The Princess Royal has topped the hardest working royal list, once again this year.

According to analysis by The Telegraph, Princess Anne, 73, carried out 457 engagements.

She pipped her brother, King Charles, 75, to the post, who ranked in second place with 425 engagements, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 59, in third, with 297.

The Princess Royal often schedules several commitments in a day, often travelling across the UK and abroad.

This year alone she has visited Australia and New Zealand, India, Canada and Cyprus.

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Queen Camilla, 76,  came in fourth place with 233 engagements, followed by the Duchess of Edinburgh, 58, with 219 outings.

The Prince of Wales, 41, ranked in as the sixth hardest working royal with 172 engagements, joint with the Duke of Gloucester, 79, and followed by the Princess of Wales, 41, with 123 outings.

Princess Anne Visits New Zealand in 2023
Princess Anne in New Zealand (Getty)

HELLO!'s Royal Editor Emily Nash says: "Princess Anne is once again the hardest working royal in terms of the number of royal engagements carried out, closely followed by the King, who has also had to deal with his daily red boxes since becoming monarch.

"But it’s hard to compare their output with that of the younger royals because their approach to royal engagements is quite different.

"William and Kate, for example, are focusing on longer term projects with the aim of making a longer term difference to society. Either way, Anne’s dedication to her duties and her work ethic are remarkable, especially given she is long past the average retirement age."

Princess Anne rides on horseback at coronation
Princess Anne was Gold Stick in Waiting at the coronation (Getty)

Anne had a starring role as Gold Stick in Waiting at her brother Charles's coronation in May, essentially acting as the King's bodyguard.

She was pictured leading a procession of armed forces personnel behind the King and Queen's carriage on horseback as they left Westminster Abbey and returned to Buckingham Palace after the historic ceremony.

Meanwhile, the King marked the first year of his reign in September and has carried out state visits to France and Kenya, as well as hosting South Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol in the UK last month.

The King raises a toast at the South Korea state banquet
The King and Queen hosted South Korea's President at a state banquet in November (Getty)

And when Charles marked his 75th birthday on 14 November, he put his charitable interests at the forefront, launching his Coronation Food Project on the day to bridge the gap between food waste and food need.

Majesty Magazine's Managing Editor, Joe Little, tells HELLO!: "The Princess Royal, with more than half-a-century of duty and experience under her belt, is regarded by her brother the King as the ultimate pair of safe hands.

"Her no-nonsense attitude and work ethic, which even in her 70s shows no signing of waning, has won her a lot of praise – not that she would seek it – from the media and the public over the years."

Research by The Telegraph also showed that the Duchess of Gloucester, 77, completed 117 engagements, while the Duke of Kent, 88, carried out 69.

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