Prince William's Friend Accuses Prince Harry of Making England Trip "All About Him"

Prince William's Friend Accuses Prince Harry of Making England Trip "All About Him"

Prince Harry dropped everything to visit King Charles in the United Kingdom directly after his cancer diagnosis, making a quick trip to check in on his dad before flying back to California.

Despite Harry very understandably wanting to visit his father amid a health crisis, a salty friend of Prince William's has managed to find a way to be upset about it—telling The Daily Beast “The king announcing he had cancer was totally unprecedented and incredibly brave—but suddenly the focus was on what Harry was doing. He seems to have this knack of making it all about him. Some people think it’s a bit late to cast himself as the dutiful, concerned son after all the unforgivable things he said about his father, and brother, and their wives in his book.”

Erm. Or he just wanted to visit his dad?

Meanwhile, a former courtier tells the outlet that Harry's trip was drama-free, saying “I don’t think it’s fair to blame Harry for coming over. Charles could have easily suggested a later date. Overall, I think the situation has turned out pretty well for everyone. Getting those two in a room together for half an hour is actually a remarkable achievement, and it sends all the right messages of forgiveness and reconciliation without rolling out the red carpet. If William wants to carry on being bad cop forever, that’s up to him.”

Speaking of the Prince of Wales, another one of his chatty friends told The Daily Beast that when it comes to Prince Harry, “William never wants to see him again.”

More on their relationship here:

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