Prince William Was Just Spotted With Carole Middleton at a Random Pub

Looks like Prince William and Carole Middleton have been spotted out and about spending some quality time together. The pair "popped into" a local pup in North Norfolk over the weekend, and a source (naturally) chatted about it to the Daily Mail:

"It was all very low-key, with no great fanfare," the insider informed royal reporter Richard Eden. "He just walked in and through the pub. He appeared to be with Carole Middleton."

William and Carole's hang comes amid a rough time for the royal family. In addition to Kate Middleton being out of the spotlight while she focuses on her health and recovery (and William taking time off to support her), Carole's business is dealing with very public financial drama.

Quick update in case you're too busy spiraling about your own paycheck to pay attention to Carole's: her business, Party Pieces, is in huge (like...HUGE) debt, and she's “desperately” trying to shield Kate from the impact.

“Carole is desperately trying to keep Catherine fully focused on her recovery,” a source told Us Weekly about the situation. “It’s a very worrying time for the family but they are not looking for any assistance from their children and don’t want them to worry. Catherine and her parents are very close and they always check in with each other, but talk about the business is off limits as she needs to focus on her health.”

Oh, and royal expert Christopher Andersen told Us Weekly that “No one in the royal family is embarrassed by the failure of Party Pieces,” noting that “between the king’s cancer battle and Kate’s cancer battle, the last thing they have on their minds is how much the Middletons owe their creditors.”

Fair enough—and glad Carole and William were able to enjoy some downtime at the pub!

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