Prince Louis' hilarious advice for the England team ahead of their first Euros match, revealed by Prince William

 Prince Louis.
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Prince William has revealed some surprising advice from his youngest son, Prince Louis, to the England team ahead of the Euros. 

The Prince of Wales, who is the president of the Football Association, travelled to St George’s Park in Burton upon Trent on Monday to wish the England men's team good luck in person before the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament.

Stood on stage chatting with England manager, Gareth Southgate, the father-of-three told the team, "I was on the school run this morning with the children and I said, 'What shall I say to the England team today? The best bit of advice I got to ask you was to eat twice the amount you normally would eat.

He then continued to say that he's not sure that his youngest's advice is too well thought out, continuing, "So I then had visions of all of you running around with massive great tummies and loads of stitches on the pitch so I think maybe take my youngest's advice with a pinch of salt."

Prince William then presented the 26 players selected for the Euros 2024 team and listened to how the preparations were going ahead of the team's first match against Serbia on Sunday.

The Prince of Wales, who is an avid football supporter himself, gave the squad a pep talk before the tournament kicks off this weekend.

"Tournament football is brutal and it requires a lot more than you’ve already given," he explained (via The Times). "You’ve had a long old season as it is and we’re going to ask you to go again.

"It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be challenging, it’s going to be everything that you’ve ever dreamt of, wearing that England shirt, and all the experiences you’ve had at club football are going to have to be in the back of your head."

He then continued, "I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt from coming and seeing you guys over the years and every dressing room I’ve been to, is the togetherness, and I get that. What Gareth has instilled in all of you over the years, I really feel that you’re a unit. You fight for each other, you play for each other and you really care about putting that shirt on.

Prince Louis and Prince William
Prince Louis and Prince William

“And I just really want you guys to know how much it means to everyone back here, that you go out there, you give it your all, you play for the shirt, play for each other, play for the country because everyone’s behind you. We really care about what you’re going to do."

To mark the honour of Prince William attending the football club, a guest at the event Zakh Poots, a Port Vale Foundation football coach, revealed that they had sourced oat cakes as a special snack for the Prince of Wales. He explained, "We brought him oat cakes from Stoke-on-Trent. He remembered the oat cakes and said how much he had enjoyed them last time, which was fantastic!"