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Prince Harry reveals Princess Diana's favourite perfume and it's more affordable than you think

Princess Diana perfume
Prince Harry revealed in his new book Spare details of his late mother's beauty routine, including her favourite perfume. (Getty Images) (John Stillwell - PA Images via Getty Images)

In Prince Harry's new book Spare, he doesn't hold back on sharing intimate details about his relationships with his family, life as a royal and his time in the army.

However, he also gave readers an insight into his personal life, especially about his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and surprisingly her beauty routine.

His memoir delved into his time in therapy, particularly how he struggled to cope following her tragic death in a car crash in August 1993. During one session, his therapist encouraged him to bring a bottle of her favourite perfume.

He wrote that her scent of choice was “First, by Van Cleef & Arpels" before revealing, "At the start of our session, I lifted the lid, took a deep sniff. Like a tab of LSD. I read somewhere that smell is our oldest sense, and that fitted with what I experienced in that moment, images rising from what felt like the most primal part of my brain.”

The father-of-two's disclosure of Diana's favourite perfume was particularly surprising because of the scent's budget-friendly price tag.

According to Prince Harry, she regularly wore First, by Van Cleef & Arpels, which is currently on sale at The Perfume Shop for just £14.99.

Why we rate it

First eau de Toilette For Her is a floral blend of jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver and peach.

Described as a "classic, timeless fragrance" by Van Cleef Arpels, it's housed in a bell-shaped glass bottle and a decorative oval lid that's every bit as elegant as you would expect to see from the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 09:  Diana, Princess Of Wales At Leprosy
The floral scent has notes of jasmine, sandalwood and peach. (Getty) (Tim Graham via Getty Images)

Woody yet sweet, it promises a long-lasting scent, so if you're keen to own a bottle yourself, we'd recommend snapping it up now while it's on sale. You can also shop it at Fenwick for £65.

What the reviews say

While it's no longer in stock at John Lewis, the eau de parfum version does have rave reviews from shoppers. Here's what some had to say:

  • "I LOVE First by Can Cleef & Arpels. This is a perfume that is great for day or night time: an elegant fusion of top notes and base notes, changing as it settles down – to form a symphony of floral, woody, aldehydic and green scents."

  • "First is a beautiful perfume. I have been wearing it since I meet my husband 25 years ago and he won't let me wear anything else! I love it!"

  • "I have been wearing First since the age of 18, I am now 50. I love the fragrance of the perfume, the shape of the bottle and the simple colours on the packaging."

Buy it now: Van Cleef Arpels First Eau de Toilette for her | £14.99 (Was £48) from The Perfume Shop

£14.99 £48 at The Perfume Shop £65 at Fenwick

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