Prince Harry parody Spare Us to be released next month

Spare Us will be released next month credit:Bang Showbiz
Spare Us will be released next month credit:Bang Showbiz

A parody of Prince Harry's autobiography, titled 'Spare Us', will be released on April Fool's Day (01.04.23).

The Duke of Sussex released his tell-all memoir 'Spare' in January, in which she shared intimate details about himself, the royal family, and his relationships, and now publisher Little Brown have announced their own "Harrody" version of the tome.

The cover of the book featured the same photo of Harry used on the front of 'Spare', but with his mouth taped up.

And a synopsis from the publisher revealed the spoof will take aim at the 38-year-old royal and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's appeals to be able to lead a quiet life out of the spotlight while also giving tell-all interviews.

It read: " 'All I had ever wanted was privacy. In order to get it, it seemed that an exceptionally detailed 500,000-word book was in order...'

"He was born into an ancient powerful dynasty and, through no fault of his own, became one of the most recognisable men on the planet.

"His life was a constant barrage of press intrusion and manipulation. Until finally, he demanded that it stop.

"In order to get the privacy he so craved, he has written a warts-and-all book that goes deep inside the castle walls and exposes every shouting match, fist-fight, betrayal, teddy bear, awkward hug and tear-stained wedding rehearsal for the world to feast their eyes on. All for privacy!"

Among the revelations Harry made in 'Spare' was that he was battling the pain of a frostbitten penis at the wedding of his brother Prince William to his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, after having undertaken a 200-mile charity expedition to the North Pole earlier in the day.

He wrote: "Upon arriving home I’d been horrified to discover that my nether regions were frost nipped as well.

"And while the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t. It was becoming more of an issue by the day."

Harry, 38, admitted his father Prince Charles, 74, was very "sympathetic" about his frostbitten ears and cheeks following the trek.

He said: "Pa was very interested, and sympathetic about the discomfort of my frost nipped ears and cheeks."