Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘passionate’ relationship explained

Harry and Meghan kiss on wedding day
Meghan's bridal bouquet featured Lily of the Valley (Getty)

It has been six years since the fairytale wedding day of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who tied the knot in front of an estimated 1.9 billion strong global audience on 19 May 2018.

Looking back on the most memorable moments from their nuptials at St George's Chapel in Windsor, body language expert Darren Stanton has analysed every detail of the couple's wedding, revealing some telling details about Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren explained that Harry's body language gave away his nerves on his wedding day.

Prince Harry was 'nervous' while Meghan remained 'calm and confident'

"He displayed a few nervous smiles, but they were portraying genuine emotion," says Darren.

"He tried to convey confidence, but his nerves took control. When he was waiting at the altar with William, you could see his face flushing, as his cheeks went red. But when Meghan arrived, he was more relaxed and could be more at ease with himself."

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As for the Duke's radiant bride, Meghan was far more collected, explains Darren. “Meghan was calm and confident on her wedding day with no nervousness. She was very collected and everything seemed to fall into place as she arrived.

Meghan Markle wore sheer foundation that showed off her freckles on her wedding day
Meghan was 'calm' and 'confident' on her wedding day (Getty)

"She took the lead and had a lot of control. Her posture was aligned, she held her head high and her smiles were fully engaged. These are all signs of feeling at peace and confident about themselves. Meghan puts Harry at his ease."

'Compatible' Prince Harry and Meghan share a 'trusting' relationship

Looking back at the moment Prince Harry and Meghan locked eyes as she was walked down the aisle by King Charles, Darren explains that it's clear to see Harry was "blown away" by the beauty of his bride.

Meghan and Harry toasting on the balcony inside St George's Hall at royal wedding
Harry and Meghan enjoy a toast (Netflix)

"He couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t stop looking her in the eyes. This shows how real their connection is. As soon as they locked eyes with each other, Harry’s body language relaxes.

"It shows how connected they are as a couple. It means that when they are together and can be themselves, but also feel comfortable when they have each other by their side."

Meghan Markle wears a white halter neck gown at her 2018 with Prince Harry
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex let their hair down at the private wedding reception (WPA Pool)

According to Darren, the royal couple's wedding photos reveal a romantic truth about their long standing relationship. "When they were having their photos taken after the ceremony, their gestures with one another showed how they have a passionate but very trusting relationship.

"They were tactile with each other, which speaks volumes about their trust levels as a couple. They know each other inside out and it comes across as completely natural."