'He looks like the Harry of old': Royal experts weigh in on Prince Harry’s interview with James Corden

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Prince Harry's interview with James Corden shows the royal "relaxed" and "happy" as he settles into life in California, royal experts have said.

The prince, 36, gave an extensive interview to his friend and wedding guest Corden for The Late Late Show, spending an afternoon with the host touring LA in an open-top bus.

In searingly honest moments, Harry spoke about the "toxic" British press and said he had to leave the UK because of the impact it was having on his mental health.

But the royal showed he still loves to have fun, getting stuck into an obstacle course set up to channel his military background, and, in a surreal moment, poking his head out of a window during a toilet break at the home where The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was filmed.

The interview came out in the US on Thursday 25 February, but the two men had been spotted filming on the bus by paparazzi at the beginning of the month.

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Harry and Meghan stepped away from the Royal Family last year. (Getty)
Harry and Meghan stepped away from being full-time members of the Royal Family last year. (Getty) (zz/KGC-178/STAR MAX/IPx)

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The timing of its release may frustrate Buckingham Palace, as it comes as the Queen gave her own honest review of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and encouraged Britons to get a jab when it's their turn.

Evening Standard royal editor Robert Jobson said: "The Queen’s important message to the nation about getting the COVID-19 vaccination now clashes with revelations that Prince Harry has filmed another chat about his personal life with James Cordon on US TV.

"It’s not about content but the poor timing. Coordination would help!"

Joe Little, editor of Majesty Magazine, told Yahoo UK: "The Harry that we see on the LA tour bus is not too different to the Harry of old in terms of his relaxed manner.

"However, this chat is of a more personal nature at times, particularly about family and duty, topics that in the past would have been off limits."

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Royal author Penny Junor told Yahoo UK: "I think the interview is enchanting. Harry at his best.

"As for the timing, I am sure Harry would not have known about the Queen’s message on vaccinations when he did the interview. It is just unfortunate that the two clashed."

Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English tweeted: "On the upside Harry does look very happy and relaxed and it’s clear he’s comfortable in front of the camera, which is a positive for his production ambitions. He also managed to shoehorn some refs to @netflix in, which of course he and Meghan have struck a production deal with."

The interview might also lead to questions about what Harry and Meghan want and don't want printed about them, having previously said they wanted to step back for increased privacy.

Sky's Rhiannon Mills said: "Prince Harry at times doesn't look entirely comfortable, he has been quite good at playing to the cameras but James Corden's comedy style doesn't always suit Prince Harry.

"Harry's really putting the boot into the UK press again, he said it was down to them that they had to start this new life in the States."

She added: "Harry and Meghan don't like stories being written about their private life, they don't like becoming clickbait but surely doing interviews like this is only going to play into that and exacerbate interest in their private life."

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Harry and Meghan at 'The Lion King' European Premiere at Leicester Square in July 2019. (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images) (Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images)

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Journalist and former editor Dawn Neesom told Good Morning Britain: "We all know the British press have not been perfect over the years, but I do think, interviews with James Corden and Oprah Winfrey and the baby announcement with that very, very publicity hungry photo, this isn’t a way of protecting your mental health and protecting your family from the press, whether it’s here or in America."

Harry's interview with Corden was aired about 10 days before a 90-minute special programme in which he and Meghan will sit down with Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan is expected to talk to the chat show host one-on-one first, with the two women discussing her stepping back from royal life, motherhood and marriage.

They will then be joined by Harry to talk about life in California.

The interview will be airing in the US on 7 March, hours after a Commonwealth Day special in the UK, where the Queen will deliver an audio message.

The BBC programme replaces the usual Commonwealth Day service, which last year was the final royal engagement carried out by Harry and Meghan.