Prince Harry shares first Instagram post in new role

Watch: Prince Harry's new Silicon Valley job

Prince Harry has shared his first Instagram post in his new role as a chief impact officer.

The royal confirmed this week he has taken on a job with BetterUp, a mental health and professional coaching firm based in California's Silicon Valley.

In his first post on the company's Instagram, the Duke of Sussex, 36, encouraged followers to see self-optimisation not as "fixing something that's broken" but "becoming the best version of ourselves".

The post read: "It's about becoming the best version of ourselves, with whatever life throws at us - someone who is ready for the next challenge and can meet setbacks with courage, confidence and self-awareness."

Harry's post had some impact, with more than 1,000 likes, a jump from the usual 100-200 the company gets on its Instagram posts.

The announcement of Harry's employment fetched more than 4,800 likes.

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Although the royal's job was only confirmed this week, his new boss said he'd actually been working there for a couple of months.

Alexi Robichaux, chief executive of BetterUp, told BBC News: "He’s been in the role for a couple of months and we’re really excited to share the news with the world.

"He’s focusing on a few areas… helping to change the dialogue around mental health to focus on strength building and mental fitness.

"The most impressing thing has been his focus singularly on how can he be of service, how can he advance his vision and his mission and how can we make a positive impact on the world together.

"He’s got an incredible attitude and he is filled with energy and enthusiasm."

Watch: Prince Harry began BetterUp job in January

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It has not been disclosed how much Harry is being paid or how many hours he works. It's expected he might work from the company's headquarters on occasion and join all-hands meetings when they return.

Explaining what Harry might be getting up to during his working week, fellow impact officer Anthony Painter, who works for the Royal Society of Arts in London, said he spends time "building and maintaining external relationships, including funding partnerships", as well as devising strategy for projects and then research and idea development.

Talking to The Telegraph about Harry's fit for the role overseas, he said: "It’s hard and it’s tough. I’m very happy to help him think it through if he wants to get in touch.

"But other than that, I think he's probably got a lot of what matters to begin with. And I'm sure he can lead on networks of expertise and resources, and so on, to help him make a difference."

Just a day after the role with BetterUp was confirmed, Harry was also named as a commissioner on a six month project with the Aspen Institute, looking at misinformation in the media.

The roles are as well as the work he will do with his wife Meghan Markle on their non-profit organisation, Archewell.

They also have Archewell Audio and Archewell Productions, which they use to make their podcasts for Spotify and their programmes for Netflix, deals thought to be worth several million dollars.