Prince George's unexpected 'obsession' he can't get enough of thanks to this celebrity family

 Prince George and Kate Middleton .
Prince George and Kate Middleton .

The Princess of Wales once revealed the unexpected but super nutritious "obsession" that her son, Prince George, has developed thanks to one famous family. 

While Prince George may have more pressure on him than the average little boy, thanks to his position in the royal line of succession, his life as the future King does come with plenty of perks.

One benefit to being the oldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales is the high profile family connections - and it was A-lister family Martin Kemp, Shirlie Holliman and Roman Kemp who sparked his most recent obsession.

Radio and TV host, Roman, met with Princess Catherine after the release of his documentary on mental health, Our Silent Emergency. The pair later teamed up for a special short film about mental health as part of Kate's Shaping Us initiative.

Prince George
Prince George

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Kate also paid a visit to his family home, with Roman later revealing that a special gift given to the Wales family by his mum had become Prince George's "obsession".

Revealing that homemade apple juice had made quite a splash at Adelaide Cottage, Roman told Express, "My mum and dad have this lovely house that they have been working on and there is a big apple tree and they have started making their own apple juice from it.

"My mum gave [Princess Catherine] a crate of this apple juice that they made and she obviously took it home."

Continuing the sweet story, Roman added, "The next time I saw her she was like, 'Oh my God! Please can you say thank you to your mum and we need some more of that apple juice because George is obsessed with it.'

"He keeps saying mum, 'I want the apple juice.' So Kate and my mum have been trading that apple juice."

Roman has also told the story of how down-to-earth Kate paid a visit to his family home and made sure to leave her shoes at the door.

In an interview with The Times, he revealed how the future Queen got comfy in the kitchen. He said, "We were sitting at the kitchen counter, with my mum and dad and my sister with all the dogs, and Kate was there with us.

"The funniest thing was she didn’t have any shoes on because she was respectful enough to take her shoes off at the door. That really stuck in my head because you never see royalty with no shoes."