Prince George's secret royal hideaway - all the details

King Charles is known to be particularly fond of his Gloucestershire residence, Highgrove House, and it seems his grandson Prince George is equally fond of the sprawling estate.

The oldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales has a secret hideaway at his grandfather's home in Tetbury, with the den originally belonging to his father, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry.

Prince George was King Charles' first grandchild, and the monarch made a real fuss of him on his arrival, adapting his beloved garden at Highgrove for the young prince.

Prince George laughing at Wimbledon
Prince George laughing at Wimbledon

A new exhibition honouring the work King Charles put into his garden at Highgrove revealed that the monarch designed a treehouse for Princes William and Harry in their childhood in the 1980s, before refurbishing the den for Prince George in 2015.

The wooden hideaway is the perfect place for young royals to escape to and play in, with a pointed thatched roof, and visitors to the exhibition, named Highgrove in Harmony: A Royal Vision can see how much thought King Charles put into the den for his sons.

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The exhibition includes behind-the-scenes sketches of Princes William and Harry’s treehouse, with a notation from the architect William Bertram about the tall climbing pole designed for the daredevil brothers.

Prince George in a suit
Prince George in a suit

The note points to one of the wooden broomstick steps high in the tree and reads "Should these go up as high as this?" giving a rare insight into the private childhood of the young princes.

Prince William had input into the design, too. William Bertram interviewed the Princes when they were aged three and five, to ask them how they would like their new hideout to be.

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William told him: "I want it to be as high as possible so I can get away from everyone and I want a rope ladder which I can pull up so no one can get at me."

Highgrove House gardens
Highgrove House gardens

King Charles spent many years on the garden at his Cotswold bolthole, which he acquired in 1980, and has spent the following 40 years devoting his energy to transforming the gardens around the property, resulting in a glorious outdoor space for him and his family to enjoy.

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