Primark has launched a £3 airbrush foundation

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Photo credit: Getty Images

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Earlier this year Primark's My Perfect Colour foundation went viral after it was hailed as a dupe to Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation. At just £5 it's easy to see why the Internet went mad for it, despite the reviews claiming it didn't quite live up to the 24-hour wear time of Double Wear.

And now Primark look set to break the Internet again with their new aerosol Airbrush foundation which promises to give a buildable, airbrushed, water-resistant finish.

Photo credit: Primark
Photo credit: Primark

Despite being marketed as a 'body' foundation, it's already getting rave reviews online for it's natural finish on the face and coverage that can be built from light to heavy.

"I am not going to lie when I first saw this I wasn’t going to buy it but I am really glad that I did. It's light weight and minimal coverage but I liked that I could throw it on really quick and go!"

"I love this product, it gives a nice colour to my face and it's not expensive. When I put it on my face I feel like I'm not putting anything on it."

YouTuber Imogen Hudson reviewed the aerosol foundation on her channel and praised it for the "insane coverage" and airbrushed appearance it gave her skin.

"Can we talk about this foundation because it hasn't creased or anything like that and I haven't even set it. I am obsessed."

The only downside is that the foundation appears to only be available in 5 shade: nude, brulee, honey bronze, coco souffle and rich espresso, but at £3 you can afford to do some custom mixing.

And if you don't want to use it on your face, it's apparently a £3 dupe for Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs, as one Influenster reviewer revealed.

"Genuinely 4 euro dupe for Sally Hansen. I've been loyal to Sally since i was 15. 9 yrs later and i cant say no to this. Works the very same. No complaints!"

We know where we're going to be heading on our lunch break...

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