We need Primark's light-up phone case

Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian/Primark
Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian/Primark

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Not only do Primark currently have the most covetable collection of Harry Potter merchandise we’ve ever seen and a Beauty and the Beast clock we need so badly it hurts, they’re also taking on big players in the beauty industry.

The LuMee phone case, made famous by the queen of the selfie Kim Kardashian, is a cult favourite. Thanks to light-up strips along the side of the phone, it gives you the perfect glow and makes all of your pictures perfect. Or close enough.

Golden glow #LitByLuMee 💖

A post shared by LuMee (@lumeecase) on Jun 15, 2017 at 1:07pm PDT

The cases generally cost £53.89 ($69.95) or £38 ($49.94) depending on how much lighting you want, but good ol’ Primark have produced a similar style at a fraction of the price. £9, to be precise.

The retailer revealed the product on Instagram along with a demonstration on how it works, and we have to admit that there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between theirs and the LuMee.

Photo credit: Instagram/Primark
Photo credit: Instagram/Primark
Photo credit: Instagram/Primark
Photo credit: Instagram/Primark

I mean, that selfie lighting is looking pretty damn good.

You’ll have to wait if you want one for yourself, though, as the product will be released in the run-up to Christmas. Keep an eye on their social media channels because, as is the case with much Primark stock thanks to their recent cult collections, it’s almost guaranteed to sell out.

You may have to wait a couple of months for this one but on the plus side, at least you can shop for some of these AMAZING Harry Potter baubles at the same time.

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