Here's how to sign up to Pret's new coffee subscription service and get a month of free coffee

Pret is launching a subscription service and here's how you can get it. (Getty Images)
Pret is launching a subscription service and here's how you can get it. (Getty Images)

Pret A Manger’s new subscription service has launched, giving coffee-lovers the chance to grab up to five coffees per day for £20 a month.

The subscription service, branded YourPret Barista, doesn’t just include your standard coffee, either. From teas to frappes, cold brews to blended smoothies, anyone who signs up to the new service can enjoy whatever they fancy.

As more people head back to work, a morning coffee will be a common addition to the commute but it’s an expensive habit to get into.

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Five takeaway drinks for £20 per month is a pretty good deal. It works out as just 13p per drink if you use up your monthly allocation.

How to sign up

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be sent an email with a link to download a Pret subscriber card straight to your mobile wallet.

Each time you order, you simply scan your QR code at the till and the coffee (or drink or your choice) is yours.

While you can use the service up to five times per day, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes in between each order.

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Those who sign up to the new service will also get one month of free drinks as an introductory offer.

People are heading to social media to respond to the new launch, with some raising the issue of reusable cups - something Pret have confirmed they are “working on”.

“Really tempted but hate the thought of all those single-use cups! Any plans to change your policy on this like Costa and others have done?” One comment read.

“This is great. I've signed up and first person to use in the Wimbledon branch, where the staff have always been very friendly and efficient. It's a no-brainer for me as I use Pret a lot. I hope Pret and the staff get through the difficult times,” another said.

With less people travelling back to work - and with Pret being a firm commuter favourite - it’s unsurprising that the chain is looking to diversify its customer base.

“It’s like £20 a month for a free office with WiFi and 5 coffees a day,” one astute Twitter user pointed out.

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