Pregnant Hunter McGrady was 'freaking out' after testing positive for Covid-19

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Hunter McGrady was "freaking out" after testing positive for Covid-19 while seven months pregnant.

The 28-year-old model is expecting her first child, a baby boy, with husband Brian Keys, and during an episode of her Model Citizen podcast, she revealed her recent health struggles.

"When I was seven months pregnant – which no one knows – I had Covid. I had to do a shoot. I was outside shooting, and the only time I had my mask off was when I was shooting," she told her sister and co-host Michaela McGrady.

"It was only a four-person set and they were far away, and I caught Covid and I gave it to my husband," Hunter explained, noting that she'd been very strict with wearing her mask and social distancing.

The model said that her Covid symptoms were similar to a sinus infection, and she was terrified to get a positive test.

"I was freaking out. We did lose our smell. I'm still like having issues with smell, which is so bizarre," she added.

Hunter also revealed that she was diagnosed with preeclampsia – a potentially fatal condition that causes high blood pressure – shortly after her Covid battle.

"So it was Covid... then I got diagnosed with preeclampsia, then I lost my little brother," she said, referring to her 23-year-old brother Tynan, who died in a car accident last month. "Needless to say, pregnancy has been a wild ride."