Poundland brings back £1 engagement rings

The average price spent on an engagement ring in the UK is £2,419 (Getty)
The average price spent on an engagement ring in the UK is £2,419 (Getty)

With proposal season in full swing, Poundland has brought back its popular £1 engagement rings.

First released in 2019 in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the ‘Bling Rings’ offer faux diamonds, topaz and rubies in gold and silver-coloured settings, as well as a silver band for men.

Marketed as ‘placeholder’ rings, the jewellery is designed to act as a stand-in for the proposal so partners can pick a ‘forever’ ring together at a later date.

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As jewellery stores remain closed thanks to England’s third lockdown, the ring could be a good option for those looking to propose in the coming weeks.

In 2019, Poundland sold 20,000 of the Bling Ring during its first week of sales but they were removed from stores later that year.

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A Poundland spokesperson said the rings allow people to propose before they “invest in a real rock”.

“Popping the question with a Poundland placeholder ring has become a thing. And with us likely to be still locked down this Valentine’s, we reckon it’ll help bridge the gap until couples can visit the jeweller,” the spokesperson added.

The re-release was spotted by one Poundland shopper this week who posted the find to the Money Saver Online Facebook page where it gained over one thousand likes and comments.

“If you aren’t sure of your partner’s ring size or if you plan to do it abroad and don’t want to risk losing the expensive one on the journey then why not get a cheap one first? Still makes the whole moment a surprise,” one Facebook user said.

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“It’s a nice idea. I’ve always wanted to pick my own engagement ring and this means my partner can still surprise me beforehand. I just hope it doesn’t turn my finger green,” another added.

Wedding magazine Hitched found the average price spent on an engagement ring in the UK was £2,419 in its 2019 National Wedding Survey, so the Poundland option could definitely save a few pennies.

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