Polestar Create 'Fantasy Electric Supercar'

Polestar Create 'Fantasy Electric Supercar’. Electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar has brought the winning design from its latest Polestar Design Contest to life in the form of a 1:1 scale model. The Polestar Synergy combines three winning designs that emerged victorious from a pool of over 600 entries in the competition. Both winning exterior designers, Devashish Deshmukh and Swapnil Desai, hail from Paris, France. Deshmukh’s design drew inspiration from hollowed-out volumes, inspired by the elegance of a hammerhead shark while Desai's design centered on emotional durability, with a focus on technical upgradability and materials that age gracefully over time. The interior designer, Yingxiang Li, based in China, crafted a cabin with a performance-oriented seating position, offering a novel experience focused on "floating comfort and control”. Despite its compact stature, standing at just 3 feet 6.1 inches tall and measuring 14 feet 11.5 inches in length, the car boasts proportions and details previously unseen from the brand, creating a striking supercar silhouette. Following its debut at the International Automobile Exhibition 2023 in Munich, the 1:1 scale model will journey to the United States where it will headline the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in El Segundo, California, starting from 7 October 2023.