Plus-size model urges women to write a love letter to themselves this Valentine’s Day

Danielle Fowler
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Charli Howard has urged women to pen a love letter to themselves ahead of Valentine’s Day [Photo: Getty]

Plus-size model Charli Howard has written a love letter to her body ahead of Valentine’s Day and urges other women to follow suit.

As part of a campaign for lingerie label Agent Provocateur, the 27-year-old apologises to herself in the moving note and promises to love herself “flaws and all” going forward.

Addressed to “Her Body”, the model details the “complicated” relationship she’s had with her appearance in the past after years of comparing herself to other women.

“I based my value on what other people thought of me or saw in me, seeking their approval before I sought my own,” she wrote in a post shared via Instagram. “My curves were shameful; my stretch marks hideous. My hair should’ve been different; my clothes a size smaller. I was never satisfied with what you gave me, even when you tried telling me I was enough. “

“I wanted to change you in the hope someone else would love me in the ways I couldn’t love you. But, in reality, you’ve loved me better than anyone else ever could; more than anyone ever will.”

Later in the letter, Howard speaks candidly about the abuse her body has endured over the years as she struggled to love herself.

“I put so much focus on looking perfect on the outside, that I forgot about the love you offered me from within,” she continued. “And the truth is, Body, you were perfect already – I was just blind to it.”

In conclusion, the model makes a promise that while her “skin might not be the smoothest” or her “hips the smallest”, to always love her body no matter what.

Now, Howard is urging others to do the same by writing a love letter to our bodies this romantic season.

The model took to Instagram to write, “So this Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging you to write a love letter to yourself and celebrate the things that make you, ‘you’.”

“Show yourself some love and wear lingerie that makes you feel sexy and empowered, regardless of whether you’ve got a partner or not. After all, loving yourself starts from within.”

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