Plus-size male model kills it on the runway with sexy striptease

Dexter Mayfield is a dancer, choreographer, actor, and plus-size model with quite an impressive resumé of work within Hollywood. He has worked with Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and most recently, Katy Perry, so Mayfield may look familiar. But what he is best known for online are his killer moves on the runway.

Dexter Mayfield slays on the runway at Marco Marco fashion show. (Photo: Instagram/Dexter Mayfield)
Dexter Mayfield slays on the runway at Marco Marco fashion show. (Photo: Instagram/Dexter Mayfield)

The 32-year-old, who hails from Dallas, Texas, is no stranger to a catwalk, as is evident on his Instagram page. One of his most recent posts is of footage from Marco Marco‘s fashion show during L.A.’s Style Fashion Week, where Mayfield is seen revealing a little more than just his strut.

Making his way down the runway, the plus-size model unzips his jacket and entertains the crowd with some dance moves, which, he tells Yahoo Lifestyle, got him the gig in the first place.

“I had initially met Marco Marco out and about in West Hollywood, where of course he saw me living my absolute best life on the dance floor! After about a year or so after that, Marco had asked me if I would be interested in walking in his show,” Mayfield says. “Fast-forward to a year later, not only does Marco want me to walk, but he insisted I incorporate my dance into the walk, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Mayfield’s first appearance on the Marco Marco runway was in 2015, during the same Los Angeles Fashion Week. Although he exudes confidence in his moves, he admits that his first walk was one of the more nerve-racking moments of his life.

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“I remember being an absolute ball of nerves at the beginning, so much so that I had numerous drag queens fanning me down and keeping me cool. But right before I hit the runway, Marco reassured me of why he chose me to walk in his show. This reassurance not only gave me the confidence I needed, but also served as the driving force behind my walk down the runway for the very first time.”

The motivation that the model needed before his runway debut is something that is seemingly out of character for him, as Mayfield explains himself as an overall “performer.” However, the surprise that some people express over his physicality often works against him.

While size inclusivity has been a hot topic for women’s clothing brands across the world — as demonstrated by this year’s fashion shows — Mayfield speaks to the fact that plus-size men have previously been excluded from the fashion arena.

“We need more plus-size men with agency representation,” Mayfield says. “We definitely need to look to our plus-size sisters for inspiration and guidance.”

But his call for more inclusivity in the industry doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been improvement.

“The fashion industry truly has come so far over the past few years, in an effort to be inclusive of everyone, including male plus-size models,” Mayfield notes. “Seeing brands like ASOS, Target, River Island, and American Eagle expand not only their sizing but having men of size represented in campaigns with Zach Miko, Scott Bayliss, and Kevin Davis. Not to mention plus male brands growing as well.”

If Mayfield himself is any proof, there is definitely hope for the expansion of the plus male industry and the men involved in advocating for it.

“At times, it can be frustrating and more so disappointing, but I have to simply remind myself that I love who I am, I love the skin that I am in, and I love the body that God gave me.”

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