These playful decorative candles are a fun and simple DIY

These decorative food-shaped wax candles look good enough to eat! Making playful decorative candles shaped like your favorite foods is easier than you might think and are sure to add plenty of flair to your home decor. Here are 3 DIY food-shaped candle hacks to brighten up your home.

DIY Food-Shaped Candle Hack 1: Make Latte Candles

These coffee-scented latte candles will make you feel like you’re at your favorite coffee shop! To make them, microwave a mixture of coffee-scented wax melts and 3 cups of wax chips. Stir the melted wax, then pour it into a transparent glass mug. Add a wick, let the candle solidify, then pour white wax on top to add your latte “foam.”

DIY Food-Shaped Candle Hack 2: Make Cupcake Candles

Step up your next birthday party with these cupcake-shaped candles for decorations or party favors! Simply pour melted wax into a silicone cupcake liner, then add vanilla fragrance oil and a wick. Next, add more vanilla fragrance oil to a bowl of partially-set wax and whisk it to a frosting-like consistency. Pipe the “frosting” on top of the cupcake candle and add some wax sprinkles. Finally, remove the silicone cupcake liner and light your candle!

DIY Food-Shaped Candle Hack 3: Ice Cream Candle

These ice cream candles are so adorable! To make them, add 2 tablespoons of pink candle coloring to 4 cups of wax chips. Melt the mixture in the microwave, then stir in strawberry fragrance oil. Before the mixture sets, pour it into a tall ice cream sundae glass and add a wick. Finally, scoop partially-set wax to add to the top to look like ice cream scoops. Decorate the candle with wax sprinkles and your sweet ice cream candle is complete!

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