Plane Passenger Who Claims Their Backpack Was ‘Not Allowed’ to Be Placed in the Overhead Bin Sparks Debate: ‘My Nightmare’

“I fly every week and have never been told to remove an item from the bin,” the traveler recalled on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Passenger putting a backpack in the overhead bin


Passenger putting a backpack in the overhead bin
  • A passenger claims they were told to remove their backpack from the overhead bin on a recent flight to Newark International Airport

  • In a retelling of the incident on Reddit, the traveler says a flight attendant told them personal items were not allowed in the overhead compartment

  • The scene had users debating in the comments whether a backpack should be allowed in the bin or stowed underneath your seat

An airplane passenger is claiming they were told to remove their backpack from the overhead bin on a recent flight — and fellow travelers are questioning why.

The passenger was heading to Newark International Airport with a “stuffed” backpack that they planned on storing in the overhead compartment, they explained in a post shared to Reddit. They added that they were looking forward to having some extra leg space and claimed that there was “tons of bin space left” even after they placed their bag up there.

After sitting in their seat, the user says the flight attendant (FA) “immediately” approached them to remove the item.

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<p>Getty</p> Bags stowed in the overhead compartment


Bags stowed in the overhead compartment

“I was firm that I get one bin item and my backpack was it, especially because it would barely fit under the aisle seat in front of me,” the traveler explains, noting that their backpack was slightly smaller than a duffel bag. “After arguing with me for 5 minutes, he begrudgingly leaves me alone but said he’ll be back to remove it himself if they need the bin space.”

After a few minutes, the flight attendant then came back to the passenger’s seat to remove their backpack and make room for someone else’s duffel bag, the user claims. The flight attendant allegedly told them “7 announcements” were made in which the crew requested all personal items be removed from the overhead compartment.

“I was miffed and called out the FA and the rest of the folks in my row acted like I was the devil,” the original poster (OP) explained. “I fly every week and have never been told to remove an item from the bin if I only put one up there until today. What's everybody’s thoughts on this? Are backpacks not allowed up in the bins?”

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The OP notes that they were flying United Airlines when the incident occurred. While United declined to comment, their guidelines for personal items and carry-ons are stated on their official website.

Personal items “must fit under the seat in front of you,” while a carry-on bag must be able to fit in the overhead bin, according to their website. The airline lists “purses, backpacks and laptop bags” as examples of personal items.

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<p>Getty</p> Flight attendant instructing passengers on an airplane


Flight attendant instructing passengers on an airplane

Despite these guidelines, multiple users agree with the OP that they should be allowed to store backpacks in the overhead bin.

“This is exactly what I do,” one person wrote. “Fly multiple times a month and have never been told to take my backpack out of the overhead bin.” Another added, “My backpack is my only carry-on. it’s going in the bin. Not dragging a roller bag around.”

One user weighed in that a scenario like this would be “my nightmare.”

“I’m 6' 5” I don’t fit in a seat if I have to put a bag under the seat in front of me, so I always only bring one bag and get on the plane earlier than most passengers.

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Meanwhile, another Redditor who claimed to be a flight attendant said it should be a “first come, first served” system since there’s no pleasing everyone.

“Exactly why I don’t get involved,” they wrote. “Either way, people are pissed and take it out on the FAs. There is simply no pleasing everybody — one half of the plane will be pissed off at what the other half of the plane wants.”

Another user said: “I know you said you only had one item, seems reasonable to put it up. The problem lies in the fact that people bring so much stuff on the plane, and the airlines do nothing about it. It’s just a free-for-all.”

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