Homeslice Pizza Boss Shares the Diet That Got Him Down to 7% Body Fat for His 50th Birthday

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How This Pizzeria Owner Got down to 7% Body Fat

With his 50th birthday looming, Mark Wogan knew that if he was going to get in shape, it was now or never. During his late 40s, he’d started to feel sluggish and motivation was increasingly hard to come by. At 102kg, he was beginning to feel his age and knew that it was going to take something drastic to get him back in shape. His day job wasn’t going to make losing weight easy either. As the creative director of Homeslice, it’s Wogan’s job to make sure that the restaurant’s wood-fired pizzas are fit to be served to the public, and that means tasting them. A lot.

Wogan is also a foodie and describes how, when he was growing up, his ‘food-centric’ family, which included his dad, Sir Terry, encouraged him to eat and cook well ‘but in a very "eat whatever you like" sort of way.’

Still, Wogan was determined to get, as he puts it, ‘fit as fuck at 50’. So, he sought the help of Reid Stafford, head trainer at Ultimate Performance. Under Stafford’s tutelage, he committed to a transformation programme that saw him weight training three times a week, walking 15,000 steps per day and fitting in a couple of cardio sessions, too. ‘If you master the Versaclimber, you can master the universe,’ he says. Because of his job, Wogan couldn’t avoid eating pizza, but he would walk between his London restaurants and started to track his calorie consumption. He found that he was still able to have two slices for lunch.

Over the course of a year, Wogan has now lost more than 25kg. At one point, his weight dropped as low as 77kg, which he says is probably the lightest he’s been in his adult life. His body fat percentage has fallen dramatically, too. He had a BFP of 37%, but now it’s a lean 10% – and he has been as shredded as 7%. ‘You’re not pinching a lot there,’ he observes.

On his 50th birthday, Wogan treated himself to a rib-eye steak and triple-cooked chips with creamed corn. Unlike before, though, this meal was an exception, rather than the rule. ‘I have a certain amount of pride in what I’ve achieved, and I don’t want to give that up,’ he says. The body that Homeslice pizza built isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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Human, Skin, Facial hair, Shoulder, Chest, Standing, Joint, Trunk, Muscle, Jaw,

Mark Wogan's Diet in a Day

Wogan has proved it’s possible to eat pizza and lose the dough. Here’s what’s on his plate.


In the morning, he typically goes for poached eggs on toast, with a little bit of butter and smoked salmon on the side. He drinks a glass of water to help his metabolism along, too.


‘I set myself a target at lunch of no more than 450kcal, which means that I can actually have two slices of pizza,’ says Wogan.


For his final meal of the day, Wogan chooses something like grilled fish with vegetables and sweet potato. He says he doesn’t avoid carbs because you can’t train properly without them.

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