Pistachio chocolate easter eggs are here to make your dreams a reality

pistachio easter egg
Waitrose launch new Pistachio easter eggsWaitrose

Pistachio-lovers, rejoice: now pistachios can be rightly worshipped and celebrated at Easter, too. Courtesy of Waitrose, this Easter, fans will be able to tuck into a giant white chocolate easter egg with a caramelised sugar shell, which, when cracked open reveals a pistachio shell inside. Better yet, it looks exactly like the tasty, green nut.

Over the past couple of years, there have been chocolate Easter bunnies, hens, chicks and, even a chocolate ‘fried egg’ character called ‘Sunny Side Sam’ – which means there’s literally no excuse for boring, sad-looking egg designs. Thankfully, Waitrose has caught on to the fact that pistachio and blonde chocolate are really having a moment and has created something which incorporates both flavours – and they work so well together.

Of course, the chocolate version doesn’t offer quite as many health benefits as its healthy high-fibre twin, but it’s chocolate-goodness is sure to offer health benefits for the mind and soul.

‘When developing this year’s range, we wanted to bring fun and conversation to the Easter table, so we have given our customers an element of surprise while bringing them flavour combinations they may have never tried before,’ says Sarah Breadmore, confectionery product developer at Waitrose.

‘With searches for blonde chocolate up 67% on Waitrose.com compared to the same time last year, we know they are going to love The Cracking Pistachio – a blonde chocolate egg with a delicious pistachio-flavoured egg inside, what’s not to be excited about!’

The new No.1 The Cracking Pistachio Egg is inspired by pistachio nuts, and is available in stores and online now.

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