Piers Morgan responds to Lady Susan Hussey's royal resignation

Talking on Piers Morgan Uncensored, the outspoken presenter condemned Lady Hussey's 'witless' remarks to Ngozi Fumani as 'racist' and called for further investigation.

Video transcript

PIERS MORGAN: Well, let me be very clear. Those comments, in today's age, I'm afraid are shocking. They're crass. They're offensive. They're racist. That's why Lady Hussey has now rightly resigned.

The Palace says the comments are unacceptable. They've quickly fronted up to this scandal and for that they deserve credit. But this won't go away in a hurry. It will be grist to the mill for those who want to trash the monarchy and brand it a racist institution. The timing could hardly be worse.

And inevitable questions about the future of the monarchy-- it has to do better than this. Nobody capable of such witless and offensive comments should be in the royal household and it's right Lady Hussey has gone. But there should also now be a full, I think, investigation to see if anybody else in that household shares similar sentiments and views. Because if they do, they shouldn't be there.