We spend an average of two and a half hours a day on our phones

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If you're wondering whether the time goes, it's probably spent looking at your phone. [Photo: Getty]

We spend on average two and a half hours daily staring at our mobile phones.

This is according to a report by App Annie, which analyses phone usage.

It found the average Brits spend 2.4 hours a day on their phones – a 15% rise since the figure was last reported in 2017.

If it makes you feel any better, Brits aren’t even the worst nation for phone usage – the global average was found to be 3.7 hours a day, according to the same company.

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Paul Barnes, a managing director at App Annie, said he believes our increasingly mobile phone screen time is due to an increase in us watching entertainment on our phones (compared to in previous years, where this might have taken place

“Mobile is becoming the first screen that people use.

“Initially you would be sitting watching TV and maybe looking at Twitter on your phone. That has really changed; there is a huge growth in the number of sessions around video. Globally, there was a 34 per cent growth in just the last year.”

He adds: “You see it yourself now any time you get a train or bus; you see people churning through box sets on their phone. That’s a big shift and that is partly to do with bandwidth as well as better screens and we will only see more of that.”

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While for some, smartphones may simply be a useful tool for communicating with friends, providing entertainment and organising your life, parents are increasingly becoming worried about their children’s usage.

A report released last summer found a quarter of parents are now paying their children pocket money to stop them staring at screens.

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