Philadelphia Zoo Celebrates Birth Of Two Endangered Sloth Bear Cubs

Staff at Philadelphia Zoo are celebrating the birth of two adorable sloth bear cubs an important milestone for a species listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Born to mum Kayla and dad Bhalu on 2 January, 2023, the cubs are thriving with mother taking incredible care of them behind-the-scenes in their den. The Zoo team are closely monitoring them using a streaming camera inside the den to ensure mom and cubs have a quiet space to bond and grow. Kayla is showing great maternal behavior and has been in constant physical contact with the infants since birth. The cubs are tiny at birth, weighing only about a pound and are essentially helpless, and rely completely on their mother for care. Mum will typically care for young for several months in a sheltered den before the cubs begin to emerge. Cubs can begin walking on their own at about a month old. At around 3-4 months, mum and cubs will emerge from the den, and unlike any other bear species, cubs will ride on mom's back by clinging to her long fur! Cubs will stay on mom's back for about 6 months and nurse from mom for about a year and remain with her for 2-3 years. The sex of the cubs has not been determined and names have not been chosen.