Pfunky Griddle: The Nashville Restaurant That Lets You Make Your Own Pancakes

Pancakes on a griddle
Pancakes on a griddle - Markmortensen / Getty Images

Making pancakes at home is always a mood booster, yet the pancakes from our own kitchens are never on par with the quality of those from our favorite breakfast spots. So how come pancakes always taste better at restaurants? The phenomenon is less surprising when you consider these pancakes are made by professionals who know how to expertly handle batter and use professional equipment, like large griddles. But to let people in on the fun of flipping their own pancakes, a restaurant in Nashville called The Pfunky Griddle has come up with a concept that gives customers the joy of cooking, plus access to restaurant-style flavors.

At The Pfunky Griddle, customers get to cook their own pancakes at the table with batter supplied by the restaurant. Essentially, it's the American breakfast version of Korean BBQ. Each table is equipped with a restaurant-quality griddle, and customers get to fry and customize to their hearts' content. The pancakes are all-you-can-eat and come with maple syrup, as well as one topping of your choice. (You can also pay extra for additional toppings, per the restaurant's website.)

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There's Room For More Than Pancakes On The Griddle

Person pouring batter on griddle
Person pouring batter on griddle - @lewisreviewthis / TikTok

The Pfunky Griddle opened in 2007 with the notion that customers could become their own chefs. Adults can get all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes for $10.99 per person, while kids from ages 4 to 10 can eat for $9.99. Children 3 and under can eat for $4.99. Besides its many toppings, the restaurant also offers several different batters, including five-grain, gluten-free, and vegan. Customers can also grill their own French toast, eggs, hash browns, and even grilled cheese. Other items, like bacon and sausage, come to the table freshly cooked.

This one-of-a-kind Nashville restaurant has gained plenty of attention, even if the DIY concept isn't for everyone. TikTok creator @sweetportfolio's video, which displayed the restaurant's griddle action, received a wide range of comments, including one person who said they'd enjoy the experience because they "love cooking but hate cleaning up after." Many other comments, however, shared one person's opinion: "I'll stay home in my pjs to do this." Some Yelp reviewers have expressed reservations about the lack of seating and ventilation (there are numerous griddles firing up in a small space), but the restaurant doesn't seem to be hurting for business — prospective customers can join a waitlist on Pfunky Griddle's website.

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