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Feline thirsty? This popular pet fountain is down to $22 — that's 45% off — today only

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Our pets are our furry, four-legged children, and we only want the best for them. Why not deck out their feeding and watering area with a new fountain? Animals prefer to drink from running water — it's safer in the wild, so their natural instincts kick in. A fountain is a great way to encourage your pet to drink more and stay hydrated, and right now you can score the PetLibro Cat Water Fountain for just $22 — as well as a slew of other automated pet products.


PetLibro Cat Water Fountain

Save $18 with coupon
With a built-in filter and quiet pump, your pets will drink healthier water than ever — and you won't have to listen to the sound of running water.
Save $18 with coupon
$22 at Amazon

One of the best parts of this fountain is that it has a quadruple filtration system. Activated carbon improves the taste of the water while removing impurities from it. There's also a medical stone to get rid of heavy metals, an ion exchange resin to soften hard tap water and a fabric filter for cleaning out those pesky hairs and whiskers that somehow always find their way into a water bowl. The filters have to be replaced about every two weeks, but the fountain comes with a four-pack of filters.

The reservoir has a 2.1-liter capacity (purr-fect if you go away for a weekend), and the clear plastic lets you see when the water level gets low. Plus, the BPA-free plastic "bowl" at the top stores 80ml of filtered water for times when you lose power.

It's quiet, too. Tests show that it runs at about 23dB, or around the same volume as a library. It's easy to put together, too, even for folks that aren't super tech-savvy.

White cat next to fountain.
This nifty fountain keeps the water flowing and your pets happy. (Photo: Amazon)

"It’s very quiet which I like! Just got it today and our most energetic cat is monopolizing it. She doesn’t know how to drink from running water well. I bought it because the other one loves sitting under the faucet and this replicates that well without forgetting to turn off the faucet. Very easy to put together," said one happy pet parent.

Another pet owner chimed in with: "I’ve had a few different pet fountains but truly love this one! So easy to assemble, keeps the water clean and the size is perfect!"


PetLibro Cat Water Fountain

Save $18 with coupon
A 2.1-liter tank means your pet will have plenty to drink before you have to refill the fountain.
Save $18 with coupon
$22 at Amazon

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