Peter Andre has sought help from famous pal to find lady who regained speech from his hit song

Peter Andre has shared his reaction to the news that his song Mysterious Girl helped one woman regain her ability to speak. Leanne Fraser, 32, lost her voice two years ago, and it was originally thought this was due to a bad reaction to anaesthesia that was used when she had a c-section.

However, she was later diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND), a condition that slows down the speed signals that are sent and received between the brain and the rest of the body. It was due to this condition that she lost the ability to speak, and was later told by doctors that she may never regain this.

But thanks to Peter's song 'Mysterious Girl' Leanne was able to regain her ability to speak.

Peter Andre
Peter Andre is hoping to track down the woman who credits his song Mysterious Girl with helping her regain the ability to speak -Credit:OK! Magazine
Peter Andre on the red carpet
Peter says that the story is evidence of the power of music -Credit:Getty

Peter, 51, has now written about this rather bizarre news story in his Planet Pete column in new! and has also revealed that he is hoping to get in touch with Leanne, and that Loose Women panellist Katie Piper is helping track her down.

He wrote: "It was lovely to read in the news that Mysterious Girl helped a lovely lady learn to speak again. Leanne Fraser lost her ability to talk after a C-section and apparently my song helped her regain her speech.

"Now although some may find that funny, it just goes to show that music is powerful and can trigger so many things, like memories and feelings. I really want to make contact with Leanne. My friend Katie Piper is trying to track her down and hopefully this column will help to find her, too!"

Katie Piper
Katie Piper has been helping Peter track down Leanne -Credit:Dave Benett/Getty Images

Speaking about regaining her speech, Leanne recently told the Daily Mail: "I had a severe speech impediment for 18 months. Doctors said I might not be able to speak like me again. Henry [her son] was listening to songs on YouTube and Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl came on.

"I started singing it in my head and spoke to Jake [her husband] and he said 'Oh my god you didn't stutter'. It's amazing having my speech back. I'm grateful to Peter Andre."

Explaining how she can now use other songs to help her speak too, she continued: "Peter Andre works every time. When I started singing in my head, for months it was Peter Andre. Now any sort of song works. But singing a slow song makes my speech slower. I'm so grateful to talk."