Pete Doherty 'surprised' he's still alive

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Pete Doherty has been clean for two years credit:Bang Showbiz
Pete Doherty has been clean for two years credit:Bang Showbiz

Pete Doherty feels "blessed to be alive".

The Libertines frontman insisted he was always "quite happy" to be addicted to drugs, but he's now acknowledged the impact they had on him and he couldn't be happier to have turned his life around with the love and support of his wife, Katia de Vidas.

He said: "I’ve managed to get out of the addictive cycle – which I maintained all along I was quite happy in – but I was pretty f*****, and I’ve never really admitted to that. I’ve entered a phase of rejuvenation.

"Marriage is the bolster; I have the love and support of someone I love. I’m blessed to be alive, not sat in a hedge in Old Street, injecting into my groin."

But the 'Can't Stand Me Now' hitmaker - who has been clean for over two years - admitted he is "surprised" to still be alive.

He told the Observer magazine: "I’m surprised I’m not dead. I’ve hedged my bets with all the scrapes, skirmishes and disasters, but I do believe in corny, happy Hollywood endings. I’m not a good guy, but I’m not evil."

Pete wants to be in charge of his own destiny and recalled how he fled from an unusual detox retreat in Thailand.

He said: "I’m open-minded to see if I can have a positive effect on my destiny. When I was flapping about in the tabloids, my two security guards took me from Heathrow – a hand under each armpit – to projectile vomit with the Thai monks at Tham Krabok.

"You swallow a bucket of water, take this mixture of bark, berries and mud and release your demons as you vomit. You’re supposed to do it three times and vow to the gods that you will never take drugs again upon pain of death, but I escaped through the jungle."

The Babyshambles' rocker's drug issues led to him being jailed multiple times and he admitted life behind bars was always "really boring".

He said: "Prison is really boring. There’s nothing to do but smoke and scowl. I’d get excited when they showed 'The Simpsons' at 6pm. My cellmate would say: 'What are you watching this for? It’s s***', and I’d say, 'No, it’s subversive and interesting.' "