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'Pet hair can’t hide!' Grab this top-selling Shark vacuum for $150 — plus other deals of the day

Hamilton Beach; Shark; Fiskars (Amazon)
Save on a slew of nifty (and gifty) favorites today. (Amazon)

Wake up and smell the savings! It's a new day with new ways to save — if you know where to look. We've done the legwork and found the best deals worth shopping now. Today you can pretty up your home with a top-selling Shark (down to $150) and your garden with some No. 1 bestselling Fiskars pruning shears ($14). We also spotted awesome last-minute Mother's Day gifts that'll get there in time, including this time-saving Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker on sale for $25 and the high-end Diptyque candle that Meghan and Harry have enjoyed since their wedding day (now $68). Keep scrolling and get your spring shopping on.

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Watch out dirt! We've spotted a fierce Shark on sale. Indeed, this top-selling upright vacuum with over 64,600 five-star fans (including me) is down to just $150 (was $220). The powerhouse swivels and swerves like an athlete, sucking up dirt, hair and dust (shoutout to the hardworking HEPA filter) from hard floors and rugs. You can even whip out the handheld nozzle to attack upholstery, stairs and curtains. 

"Pet hair can't hide!" wrote one mega-fan. "I have 20-year-old carpeting so I need to vacuum ... a few times a week to keep it from looking gross. One pass from the new Shark and I was pleasantly horrified with the amount of hair and dander this vacuum extracted from my 'well vacuumed' floors. I get satisfaction from what I call extreme vacuuming, and this machine's strong suction was exponentially more effective than my Bissell. I also noticed immediate relief from my sneezing, which is caused by a mild allergy to dust and mold. ... While the unit is a little heavier than my old machine, the swivel and remarkable pickup more than makes up for it."

Another swooned: "The vac of my dreams! If you want a vacuum that is ambitious, gets the job done and is trim and sexy, this is the one for you! I didn’t even realize I was just going through the motions of life with my old vacuum. I thought my home was clean, until I met this beauty. ... It removed evidence of my pets' shedding problems. Like my clothes and winter coat are cleaner because it has sucked up pet 'glitter' I never even saw before on furniture. It's taken up my daughter's Rapunzel-like hair that was caught down in the creases of my couch. It has sucked up dust I didn't even know I had!! I'm pretty sure this vacuum loves me back."

$160 at Amazon
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$160 at Macy's$160 at Kohl's

Grill up burgers rain or shine with this $79 indoor Ninja (down from $99). The family-size 14-inch grill top is large enough to feed the whole crew but small enough to tuck away. This thing reaches temps of up to 500°F and gives your meats and veggies the grill marks you crave. The nonstick grill plate is removable for easy cleanup and the mesh lid is dishwasher safe.

"Amazing indoor grill, I use it every day," raved one five-star fan. "This is honestly my greatest kitchen gadget purchase I've ever made, it requires no oil when cooking and tastes just like it came off of my outdoor grill."

Another shared: "Cooks very well! Definitely a big step up from a Foreman. Does a great job of keeping smoke down when cooking meats."

$79 at Walmart

You may think you've got sandwich-making down to a science, but we've found something that expedites the process and even elevates it to an art form. The top-selling Hamilton Beach sandwich maker — now just $25 — cooks up a stellar sammy in minutes flat, and the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe. This would make a fun, useful last-minute gift for Mom (yes, it'll get there in time with Prime) or Dad or a grad. Some of the 23,100-plus fans have created other masterpieces using "thin bagels, waffles, pancakes, croissants" and more.

"As someone who doesn't even leave the toaster out on my counter, it's a big deal when I say I never put this away," wrote one five-star fan. "It has definitely earned its place on my kitchen island. This purchase coincidentally coincided with starting Weight Watchers. I'm in love with the 4-point sandwich I make every morning! ... Very filling and fun to make! The cleanup (after it cools down) consists of wiping it down with a wet paper towel, which takes about five seconds."

$30 at Amazon
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$30 at HSN$30 at Target

Pretty up your garden with these No. 1 bestselling Fiskars pruning shears, on sale for $14. The ergonomic design, special blade and low-friction coating make it easy to slice through stems, vines and small branches. They're equally fit for snipping delicate herbs and flowers. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty.

These more than made the cut for 34,400-plus five-star fans. "Easy to hold and use," wrote one happy reviewer. "Clean cuts. Easy to lock and unlock. Really a workhorse in my garden. I have found no difficulty cutting both large and small stems. Glad I got these in time for garden cleanup this year."

Read our full review here.

$14 at Amazon
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$14 at Lowe's$18 at Ace Hardware

With all the multitasking air fryers out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. But a Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 at an $80 discount is a mighty good bet. Its special sauce? It can cook two different things two different ways at once. Add it to your cart now, and it'll be air frying, baking, dehydrating and roasting up a storm for you in no time.

"Amazing product," wrote one pleased reviewer. "I had the one-basket air fryer and recently upgraded to this two-basket air fryer and it is so convenient. It is perfect for someone who is very busy because it allows you to cook multiple things at different temps at once. I also loved all the different settings and features it comes with. Also is very easy to clean."

$100 at Target

Spills, pet accidents and other mishaps are no biggie with a Bissell, but these handy gizmos can be pricey. Not today: The Little Green Pet Deluxe is down to $99 (was $124). Over 60,000 five-star fans hail the No. 1 bestseller for its cleaning prowess on rugs, stairs, upholstery, car interiors and more. Two handheld stain removal tools, a hose cleaner and two pet stain removers are included.

"This thing rocks!" said one happy user. "I was a little skeptical, but this machine got stains out of my carpet and couch that I had totally given up on. Even stains that I had tried to wash out several times with various sprays! We had an elderly dog, and I felt like I was scrubbing the rug every day. This tool made it so much easier, and it is more effective than any other product I tried. Super easy to use, and very portable for using on stairs."

$99 at Amazon
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$99 at Wayfair

Modern science is astounding. Today a mini sample of spit can reveal our genetic roots and connect us with living relatives worldwide. Also astounding: The No. 1 bestselling Ancestry DNA kit is down to just $39 (was $99). That's the lowest price on record! Just send in a saliva sample in the provided kit and Ancestry will share a location breakdown, DNA matches, potential ancestors and ethnicity inheritances. Many features are free, but deeper details may cost extra. Over 66,300 Amazon shoppers have given this kit five stars, and the more people who are searching for their roots, the more updates you will get over time.

"The breakdown of my ethnic background, migration patterns, and even potential relatives was fascinating and incredibly informative," raved one fan. "The platform's commitment to privacy and security reassured me throughout the process, emphasizing their dedication to protecting user data."

"Open the door," urged one happy reviewer. "So many, many doors have opened up to me, to our family, with the critical help of the results through this DNA kit. Literally, generations of our family have been revealed, hooked together, and opened communication pathways among the living relatives that we didn't even know we had or existed. It is not too much to call it amazing."

$99 at Amazon
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$99 at Walmart

Go from downward dog to downtown (and look good doing it) in these top-selling leggings. Fans love the fit, from the soft, high waistband and tummy-tucking panel to the slightly cropped length. They've got pockets, which is becoming more an essential for women than a perk.

One of 37,500-plus five-star fans wrote, "They are super comfortable and help compress my stomach fat a little bit so it's not so jiggly. I wear these around the house, out to eat or working out. The material is sturdy and breathable. I also like having two pockets, since the other brands usually only have the one pocket on the side of your leg."

Another confessed: "I've spent $180 on a pair of Lululemons, which don't compare to these at all. These leggings are soft, stretchy, form-fitting, and they make you look incredible! ... You won't regret buying these. Oh and something also very important is they are great with no sweat marks. 100% squat-proof. Softest material ever."

$25 at Amazon

We spotted this luxe candle beloved by Meghan Markle — Tubereuse by French brand Diptyque — on sale for $68 (was $85). It'll make a lovely last-minute Mother's Day gift, and yes, it'll get there in time with a Prime membership. The lead-free cotton wick and paraben-free soy wax will safely burn up to 60 hours.

"I have used Tuberose by Diptyque for many years," wrote one longtime fan. "I am never without one in my living area. You only need to burn for an hour and oh my: glorious, beautiful aroma. ... Super happy to have found it on Amazon as it usually requires a trip to Nordstrom!"

$63 at Amazon
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$74 at Nordstrom$74 at

Star chef Giada De Laurentiis' fave blade is a santoku, and we've found a No. 1 bestseller on sale for just $32 with the on-page coupon. That's nearly 55% off and one of the lowest prices we've seen. If Mom needs one, you can get it delivered in time for Mother's Day with Prime. This popular knife is lightweight with an ergonomic handle and a very sharp stainless-steel blade that's ready for all the meat, fish and veggies you can throw at it.

"This santoku is finely finished, symmetrical and arrived nicely sharpened," wrote one five-star reviewer. "It is made of well-hardened steel. Its tip is more like a sheepshead than a spear point or drop point. It has a very slight belly. Its balance point is at its bolster. Its wooden handle is slightly ovate in cross section and fits my hand well. ... I use it to slice, dice, chop, peel, and mince. I would buy it again at twice the price."

Save $38 with coupon
$32 at Amazon

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