Perfumes for Spring 2012

Perfumes for Spring 2012

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For a floral vibe

The classic scent Noa by Cacharel has had a summery makeover with a vibrant floral vibe for its spring 2012 new edition. Still fresh and delicate, its scent will seduce all those looking for a gentle hint of fragrance.

The scent:  Notes of blackcurrant buds and pink peppercorns decorate a core of white peonies, bulgarian rose and sandalwood, finished off with underlying notes of white musk. 

The bottle: The cocoon shape of Noa has been revamped for the 2012 edition by Charlotte Gastaut. This limited edition is decked out in floral motifs with a touch of psychedelia which gives Cacharel’s signature, symbolising the brand for decades, a new lease of life.

Why we’re swooning: Noa is an undeniably classic fragrance. Gentle, delicate and fresh, it is the ideal perfume for the beginning of a dreamy summer.


Noa, Cacharel, Limited Edition, Cacharel Paradise Collection

Eau de parfum, 25 ml : 52,50 £

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Sensual Classic

Yves Saint Laurent has reinvented the legendary Opium, a perfume which encapsulates the brand’s essence. Opium Vapeurs de parfum, or “fragrant mists”, is lighter and fresher than the original version though no less bewitching, in fact quite the contrary!  


The scent: Notes of white flowers and resin are married with essence of mandarin and pink pepper, rounded off with orange blossom, jasmine sambac and essence of nutmeg.

The bottle: The iconic bottle retains the same basic design but with an added touch of romanticism and softness. The shape is more slender and the powder pink combined with a frosted glass with a velvety touch evokes the sensuality and lightness of the fragrance it contains.

Why we’re swooning: Fresh, elegant and classic, Opium Vapeurs de Parfum has an inimitable trail and ageless chic which leaves no one untouched.


Opium Vapeurs de Parfum, Yves Saint-Laurent 

Eau de toilette 75 ml : £46

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Giorgio Armani reinvents our beauty rituals with the silky new eau de parfum Acqua di Gioia. This new breed of the essential Armani perfume Acqua di Gioia covers all those who wear it in a silky satiny sheen.


The scent: As with the original fragrance, we still get those initial herbal notes of crushed mint leaves with a zest of “Limone Primo Flore Femminello”. At its core, notes of water jasmine are underpinned by a base of cedar (MRL) sprinkled with brown sugar and labdanum.

The bottle:  Acqua Di Gioa Eau de Parfum Satin Edition comes in a minimalist bottle with similar curves to that of the original. Completely inspired by forms found in nature, Giorgio Armani has created a receptacle whose design encapsulates ocean waves and the female body in one single drop of thick, transparent glass.

Why we’re swooning: The Satin Edition perfume is like a new beauty ritual; incredibly feminine, it makes skin beautiful, covering it with a layer of irises with a few spritzes.  


Acqua Di Gioa Eau de Parfum Satinée, 50ml: £48.50

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Free Spirit

Peace, Love & Juicy Couture, the new fragrance by the eponymous californian designer offers us an intoxicating floral and woody fragrance. Just as glamorous as its predecessors, this new creation is a light, romantic breath of fresh air for free spirits.  


The scent: Straight away you get lemon blossom, wild hyacinth, apple and blackcurrant flower essence. At its core, jasmine essence is married with star magnolia, malibu poppies, honeysuckle and lime blossom. Underlying notes are of Iris extract, patchouli and musk.

The bottle: The bottle screams bohemian chic; the top is embellished with a bracelet of turquoise, pompoms and charms typical of Juicy’s hippy appeal. For this edition, the signature stamp has revisited the famous symbol of Peace and Love at the heart of the Kitsch style Juicy is so fond of.

Why we’re swooning: From the bottle to the fragrance inside, Peace, Love & Juicy Couture has real personality. Completely seductive and intensely feminine, it will appeal to those with a romantic side.


Peace, Love & Juicy Couture,

Eau de parfum, 30ml: £35 

Eau de parfum, 50 ml : £45

Eau de parfum, 100 ml : £60

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Fairy Queen

With the new fragrance, Nuit Etoilée, Annick Goutal has created a fresh and energising scent to stimulate all your senses. This refined fragrance is an invitation to discover a romantic, mysterious world for women who are looking for a touch of originality.  


The scent: A first wave of peppermint is followed by the core notes of Siberian pine needles and Balsam fir with underlying notes of angelica and everlasting flower.

The bottle: Based on the original model of all Annick Goutal bottles, Nuit Etoilée has a very retro look. The blue of the bottle changes with the light, and it is draped in a ribbon of blue moiré taffeta. Elegant and delicate, the bottle reflects the perfume within.

Why we’re swooning: Nuit Etoilée is a beautifully aromatic perfume with an enigmatic feel to it. Its intoxicating trail has a classic allure making it a standout.

Nuit Etoilée, Annick Goutal

Available in May 2012

Eau de toilette 100 ml, Godron bottle, £75

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Girly Girl

Little Gloria, the new perfume from Vanderbilt, has a fresh and deliciously sparkling fragrance. Pure elegance, this very feminine, fruity nectar is aimed at young women who don’t take anything too seriously and see life as a modern fairy tale.  


The scent: Initial notes of juicy kiwi fruit thrill together with crisp pear and pineapple. At its core are sumptuous gardenias with touches of crystallised violets and rose finished with underlying notes of musk, vanilla powder and sandalwood.

The bottle: Little Gloria has a classic inspired bottle which is totally transparent and ultra sophisticated. But the prettiness of the delightfully floral top gives the bottle an edible allure. To create it, Vanderbilt took inspiration from the boudoir of Marie-Antoinette.

Why we’re swooning: Fruity and sensual, this perfume with an accessible price tag will thrill mischievous young women everywhere while they imagine themselves princesses of modern times.


Little Gloria, Vanderbilt,

Eau de toilette, 30 ml, £17.40

Summer Sunshine

This perfume by Roberto Cavalli has an enthralling amber trail. WIthout being exuberant, it pleases the senses and draws you into reverie. Light and powerful at the same time, it surprises and reveals a real force of character.   


The scent: Pink peppercorns are at the forefront, then come the core notes of orange blossom essence with underlying notes of Tonka bean.

The bottle: Inside the slightly bling gold and leopard print box, the bottle which ultimately reveals itself is quite classic. The round, generous curves enhance the amber fragrance inside and the diadem cap is a nod to the perfume’s creator.

Why we’re swooning: Fresh, original and sparking, this cheeky perfume is a beautiful surprise which should be shared.



Parfum "Roberto Cavalli" by Roberto Cavalli, 50 ml, £47.50 

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Pure Iconic

Shalimar Parfum Initial l’Eau is like a new invitation to sensuality and innocence. The latest perfume by Guerlain shares the charm and intensity of its legendary older sibling Shalimar but with added freshness and lightness.   


The scent: After a first wave of bergamot you get to its core of damask rose and iris accompanied by jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse, India and Egypt. The underlying notes are of vanilla and tonka bean.

The bottle: Shalimar Parfum Initial l’Eau is contained in a bottle with sensual curves and the sapphire blue cap of the legendary Shalimar. It shares its DNA with the original, but its charm and feel are distinguished from the original by a powder pink pompom attached to the neck of the bottle, while that of the previous version was a bluish grey.

Why we’re swooing: Lighter and fresher than the original version, it offers the Shalimar character and identity, often too heady in summer, in its own unique way.


Shalimar Parfum Initial

Eau de toilette, 40 ml, £36.50

Eau de toilette, 60 ml, £45.50

Eau de toilette, 100 ml, £63.50

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Legendary Classic

In 20 years, Lalique de Lalique has dominated as a classic in French perfumery. Opulent, feminine and sensual, and about to celebrate its birthday, this timeless fragrance has undergone a makeover with a new bottle in precious crystal.  


The scent: After a first waft of essence of rose, iris and jasmine, you get blackcurrant leaves, pear and wild blackberry married together at the heart of this fragrance, with Mysore sandalwood and vanilla accompanied by white musk at its base.

The bottle: To celebrate twenty years of beauty, the bottle is now adorned with a new decoration of jasmine flowers. Sunny and elegant, a pendant on a golden chain is draped around the cap, a little present to wear as a necklace. 

Why we’re swooning: Legendary and timeless, it is more than just a perfume and a beautiful object to behold. Moreover, you might discover a jasmine flower pendant in a gold finish or in real crystal in the box if you are lucky (1 in 20)!


Lalique,  Special Edition, Eau de Parfum, 100 ml £85

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Uniquely Evocative

Lolita Lempicka has created a new perfume with a fairy-like allure and intoxicating fragrance. Seductive and romantic, sugary and delicious, L’Eau en Blanc is a perfume that is romantic with a spark.


The scent: Essence of violet leaves hit first, along with green irises and sap. Its core notes are of white violets, accompanied by raspberry and underneath, heliotrope is married with musk.

The bottle: L’eau en Blanc combines a minimalist look with refined detail. Its bottle evokes the perfect matches of gold with white, glass with curves, and leaves with lace. This new interpretation of the dream world of Lolita Lempicka is marked by the passion and tenderness of love.

Why we’re swooning: From the couture bottle to the powdery sensual floral fragrance, this perfume is like no other...


L’Eau en Blanc, Lolita Lempicka

Available May 2012

Vaporiser eau de parfum, 50 ml, £47

Vaporiser eau de parfum, 30 ml, £35

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Clean Modern

Modern and light, Dolce & Gabbana the one inspires with its “floriental”, powerful and subtle fragrance. This multi-faceted perfume becomes sometimes romantic, sometimes sensual or festive. Intense, it marries contemporary fruits with a classic perfumer’s palette of white flowers. 


The scent: Bergamot accompanied by mandarin, lychee and peach come first. Then the core notes of madonna lily with lily of the valley, jasmine and timeless white flowers. Finally deep notes of prune, vetiver moss, amber, musk and vanilla.

The bottle: The one goes all in for seduction with its cult rectangular bottle and golden architectural cap with black lace. Inspired by the glamorous world of lingerie, it celebrates the feminine and all women’s finery.

Why we’re swooning: This latest perfume by Dolce & Gabbana has a seductive trail conveying the true nature of women: gracious, delicate and charming.


Dolce & Gabbana The Lace Edition,

Eau de parfum, 50 ml, £58.45

Eau de parfum, 75 ml, £77

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