Perfect Match: Are any of the couples from Netflix dating show still together?

Perfect Match: Are any of the couples from Netflix dating show still together?

Netflix’s newest dating show, Perfect Match, has officially concluded its first season with a successful ending.

The premise of the new show is simple, with Netflix plucking famous faces from some of its most popular reality shows, such as Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Too Hot To Handle, and dropping them into a mansion in Panama City, Panama.

There, the reality TV stars were tasked with finding their “perfect match” through a series of challenges and dating endeavours, with new couples forming nightly.

Many of the couples didn’t last long, however, as most of the singles that paired up in the first four episodes ended up finding someone more perfectly matched, at least for a time.

Warning: spoilers below.

By the end of all 12 episodes, there were five couples left standing, with just three declaring themselves perfect matches.

Which couples, if any, from Perfect Match season one are still together?

Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati

Although both Gabriel and Hassarati were with other people during the early episodes of the show, with Gabriel previously declaring his love for Francesca Farago, the pair formed a tight connection halfway through their time on the reality tv competition.

During the season finale, the couple ended up winning the title of Perfect Match after their fellow co-stars voted on the couple they believed to be the “perfect match”. The title meant the pair could choose a week-long vacation together anywhere in the world.

However, while it may have seemed to the cast like Gabriel and Hassarati were perfectly suited for one another, the couple revealed to Today that they have broken up.

“I just loved my time with him and getting to know him,” the Too Hot to Handle star said. “He’s a great person and I wouldn’t change anything. However, now we’re not together at the moment.”

According to Gabriel, who is from Toronto, Canada, distance played a role in their decision to break up, as Hassarati is from Brisbane, Australia.

“I think after the show there’s a lot of things that you have to take into account, such as distance,” he explained, adding: “And going from being in a house with cameras around you all the time is tough. We’re on good terms and there’s no bad blood there.”

Although the couple are no longer together, Gabriel said he is open to seeing what the “future” holds for him and Hassarati.

However, according to Cosmopolitan, fans think Hassarati may be dating her ex Harry Jowsey, after she shared a video with him on Valentine’s Day.

Chloe Vietch and Shayne Jansen

Although Vietch and Jansen hit it off immediately during their blind date, their connection was tested when Vietch’s ex-boyfriend Mitchell Eason entered the mansion.

The former couple rekindled briefly, before Vietch and Jansen decided that they were meant to be together, after first overcoming a fight during episode 10.

And, during the season finale, the pair revealed that they considered one another their “perfect match”.

“I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions of us,” Vietch said. “I know that I am certain that Shayne is my perfect match.”

Unfortunately, after the show concluded, signs appeared to indicate that they ended their relationship after Perfect Match wrapped.

One hint came in the form of a TikTok posted in February 2023 by Jansen’s Love Is Blind ex Natalie Lee, in which she could be seen with Vietch and Ines Tazi, who also dated Jansen during the new Netflix show. In the video, the trio all bonded over their past with Jansen, with Vietch commenting under the TikTok: “No hate we love Shayne - we all just have one thing in common!”

Lee also suggested that she was still in contact with Jansen when he began filming for the reality show, with the Love Is Blind star revealing on her Instagram Story that Jansen texted her “numerous times” about wanting to leave Panama City halfway through filming.

“He texted me numerous times he wanted to leave midway through filming because he still had feelings for me after we saw each other for [the] first time since our breakup at the [Love Is Blind] reunion show taping,” Lee wrote.

However, Jansen appeared to deny the suggestion with his own post, in which he wrote: “Obviously with the new show coming out I figured ‘someone’ would try to once again destroy my character for personal gain. I have tried to move on numerous times but this keeps resurfacing and I have boundaries.”

Jansen and Veitch confirmed they are no longer together while speaking to Today, with Veitch confirming: “We’re not together, unfortunately.”

According to Veitch, when she and Jansen left the mansion, the bubble around them “just popped” and they couldn’t make the relationship work.

“I will find my perfect match one day,” she said.

Jansen added: “I don’t regret it because at the end of the day, I wanted to just give it my all for the show and for myself. It’s sad it didn’t work out with me and Chloe, but we’re good friends.”

Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden

This former couple reunited towards the end of the season, with the pair creating a “Perfect Match” just in time for the finale.

Although the duo seemed happy together, and revealed they planned to continue dating after filming concluded, they agreed during the finale that they were likely not one another’s perfect match.

“The time in here has been good. But obviously, distance is a big thing. If one us said we were the perfect match, I don’t think it would be real,” Fairthorne said.

As for whether they have stayed together, it is currently unclear, with the pair following one another on Instagram.

However, Bowden, who was engaged to Nancy Rodriguez during season three of Love Is Blind, suggested he was single during the Love Is Blind “After the Altar” special, which filmed after Perfect Match.

Lauren Chamblin and Nick Uhlenhuth

Chamblin and Uhlenhuth were one of the last couples to form during the season, with the pair hitting it off during the final few episodes.

However, even before the finale, the couple wasn’t sure about their lasting power outside of the mansion, as Uhlenhuth told Chamblin he couldn’t say whether she was his perfect match.

The couple again suggested they weren’t sure about their future together during the season finale, when Uhlenhuth told host Nick Lachey: “The simple answer is no [we are not the perfect match. We talked about it, but we can’t say we are the perfect match. I think it’d be ridiculous.”

Chamblin agreed, adding: “I think it would be kind of insane for us to be like: ‘Perfect match!’”

As for whether they managed to make it work, the pair still follow one another on Instagram, however, social media hints suggest they went their separate ways.

According to Bustle, Uhlenhuth may be dating Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston, as he appeared in her birthday Instagram in January.

Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso

Snow and Sasso already had a history when they first arrived at the mansion, with Snow revealing she and Sasso previously dated but that it hadn’t worked out because of a “commitment thing”.

However, despite their rocky history, the pair quickly became the one of the first couples in the villa during episode one. Their relationship survived the entire season, with the couple making it boyfriend-girlfriend official in episode eight.

By episode 10, Snow and Sasso realised they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, with Sasso proposing to Snow during their final date.

Although the couple became engaged, they did not win the reality show competition, which they admitted during the finale they didn’t mind, as they’d be getting married instead.

Unfortunately, the pair revealed that their relationship didn’t last beyond the show, with Sasso telling Today he and Snow ended their engagement when they left the mansion.

“We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other,” he said. “When I was there, I was like: ‘This is the perfect person I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ When you finish filming, you go back to reality. There’s a lot of life things to deal with.”

Although they did not last as a couple, Sasso said he and Snow have remained good friends. “We have been such good friends for such a long time. And as of right now we’re really working on repairing the friendship before anything else,” he said.

Sasso also said he has no regrets when it comes to the show.

“I feel good that since we’ve wrapped the show there hasn’t been any times I’ve been laying in bed going: ‘Why do I say that? Why’d I do that?’” he said. “We took a plunge and it was a great experience.”

All episodes of Perfect Match are streaming on Netflix now.