Find Your Perfect Margarita Based On Your Personality Type

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The Perfect Margarita Based On Your PersonalityDelish

If you don't love a good margarita cocktail, you don't know what you're missing. The salty, limey, tequila-drenched nectar is an absolute classic, and deserves your full attention when making a batch for your next cocktail hour.

But what kind of marg should you go for? There's on the rocks with a thick salt rim, strained into a margarita glass, shaken with chilli for a picante, and many, many more options.

Thankfully, to celebrate National Tequila Day, well-known tequila brand Jose Cuervo has dropped a very cool tool that'll help you decide, and it's all based on your personality type.

The Margarita Matchup is a quick personality quiz that'll ask you questions about everything from your habits when socialising to your ideal day out. After digging deep into the depths of your personality, the tool will spit out your perfect marg recipe. There are over 300 recipe variations, so it's likely your own margarita recipe will be pretty unique.

margarita matchup jose cuervo
Jose Cuervo

After you've answered the seven personality-based questions, your margarita recipe will appear. It's personalised with your name and everything!

According to the Matchup’s makers, people with kind, mellow personalities might have drinks made from sweet honey and delicate, pink Himalayan salt, whereas people with more extraverted traits might find themselves coupled with blood orange and crisp, crushed ice. Both sound delicious to us.

Speaking of her involvement in Jose Cuervo’s Margarita Match, psychologist Jo Hemmings said: “Personality can have such an impact on the flavours we like, as well as serving preferences so we wanted to create a platform that allows people to find their perfect drink in honour of one of the world’s favourite cocktails.”