Pepsi Is Bringing Back a Fan-Favorite Flavor for a Limited Time Only

And this time around, anyone can try it.



In an increasingly crowded snacks and soft drinks market, brands need to get creative to get consumers’ attention, and every week we get news of something new and different. Just this week we learned TruMo made a Star Wars-inspired Blue Milk, SunChips collaborated with the actual sun to release limited-edition solar eclipse-inspired chips, and Lay’s brought back four discontinued flavors.

Pepsi is no stranger to being in the spotlight thanks to its innovation. Pepsi Peeps and Pepsi Colachup (cola-infused ketchup) are among the many unique products Pepsi has dropped over the years. Another unexpected Pepsi collaboration was one with beloved breakfast chain IHOP: Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola. Two years ago, the flavor was released in a limited-edition drop, when fans could enter to win one of 2,000 cans. The cans quickly became a covetable collectible; A quick search on eBay reveals that several cans resold on the auction site for up to $100 for one can.

Now Pepsi and IHOP are coming together again to re-release the breakfast-themed soft drink—but don’t expect to see those who snag the drink auctioning it off.

<p>Pepsi x IHOP</p>

Pepsi x IHOP

IHOP and Pepsi Bring Back Maple Syrup Cola

Starting today, April 1, fans will be able to enjoy Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola at IHOP restaurants nationwide. The flavor is exactly what it sounds like: the classic Pepsi taste you know and love with the addition of maple syrup flavoring.

“As the leader in breakfast, we are continually innovating and expanding our menu to ensure we are introducing menu items our guests want, including the introduction of fun and exciting new beverage options like Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola,” said Chef Art Carl, Vice President of Culinary at IHOP in a press release.

This time, the two brands are doing things a little differently. Instead of cans, the cola will available at the restaurant as a fountain soda option. If you want a little pop with your pancakes, IHOP customers can order the flavor as a soft drink on its own or get it in a Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Float with vanilla ice cream.

If you missed out on the cans two years ago and you really want to experience the flavor of cola and maple syrup together, get to your local IHOP soon. We're told Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola will be around for a limited time only, and there’s no word on when IHOP will discontinue the drink.

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