People Who Were Friends With The "Mean Girl", Tell Us When You Realized The Friendship Was Really, Really Toxic

Sometimes, when we become friends with someone, it's easy to ignore the glaring red flags that could indicate they're not great for us.

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So if you ever found yourself in a friendship with a "mean girl", we want to know the exact moment when you finally realized the friendship was actually toxic from the start.

For instance, maybe you were friends with them for years in high school, but when prom came around, they took control of the entire night, and you realized you had to do everything they said.

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Or maybe everything felt really normal between the both of you until a new friend you became close with pointed out all their red flags to you.

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Finally, maybe you did recognize how they put you down, but you thought it was just them being playful until they said the exact same thing to someone they didn't like, and it completely opened your eyes to who they were.

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Plus, once you recognized that the friendship was toxic, tell us what happened after the fact. Did the friendship end? Did you try to talk to them and fix things?

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If you resonate with the above, please tell us if you've ever been friends with a "mean girl", and when you realized the friendship was toxic in the Google Form or comments below: