People On TikTok Are Making Fresh Pasta Dough From WHAT?

If you've ever tried to whip up a batch of fresh spaghetti, you'll know it's a bit of an art.

There's the texture of the dough, the rolling, the pasta shaping - it can all get a bit complicated, which is why often enough people leave it to the pros and stick to good old dried pasta.

However, people on TikTok have been trying their luck at a new way of making fresh pasta from a cupboard staple...

Yep, that's right. People are making fresh pasta from dried pasta. Pasta inception.

And what are they doing to make those long strands of spaghetti into pliable, fresh pasta dough? They're blending it.

A video posted by @foodsfuns3 shows one of the account's chefs pouring spaghetti into a blender, breaking it up and blending into a flour-like texture.

She then tips it out onto a work surface, makes a well in the mixture and cracks an egg in like you would with normal pasta dough.

The mixture looks a little.... grainy.

She then kneads it into a dough, rolls it out and uses a pasta cutter to make tagliatelle strands.

The pasta looks pretty chunky to us, and although other creators who've tested the recipe say it's not awful, it doesn't look good.

The issue here is that although the ground-up pasta looks like flour, it's not the same! And it doesn't have the same compounds that 00 flour has to create lovely soft, stretchy glutenous pasta.

So although it looks like a genius hack, it's a no from us.