People are throwing shade at Khloe Kardashian's appearance (again)...

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Is it just us or has the internet got a lot meaner lately? We know trolls have been always been lurking, it just seems like these days people really do have zero shame in being spiteful on the web.

Case in point: Khloe Kardashian's most recent Instagram post. Last night, she uploaded a set of snaps looking absolutely smoking.

Dressed in wet look PVC leggings and a corset with a renaissance art print, Khlo teamed the vampy attire with sleek high pigtails and razor sharp eyeliner.

She captioned the killer snap: "Man this heat wave is intense!! Isn’t it October??? Lex, This ones for you 😉."

While friends and fans commented on how mega she looked, one user wrote something that seemed slightly, well, off.

Sat beneath Khloe’s caption (Instagram whizzes, does this mean it was the first comment!?), it said: “Money spent well.”

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Granted, there is no indication to what this is referencing (her outfit does look £££££) but people seemed to think it had something to do with her appearance. Cue the horrible comments…

  • “WHOM???”

  • “If I had the money I’d look like a different person too😂🤣😂🤣”

  • “Come on, she hired trainers, nutritionist, chefs, stylists, hair, makeup and has cosmetic laser work all the time. If I had the cash I would do the same but don't act like you ever looked like this.”

  • “Lmfao we already know she doesn’t look like that”

  • “Ariana Grande’s mom. Seriously tho, before all the messing with her face she was very pretty. The work she’s has done is fabulous, but not necessary.”

Thankfully, Khloe didn’t seem to take it too personally, instead she clapped back with the perfect response. Sharing three laughing faces, she replied “the shade of it all.”

Instagram account Comments By Celebs caught the whole exchange and, seriously, our hat is off to Khloe for handling the hate so graciously.

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Other fans came to her support with kind comments. “Still so confused why it’s anyone’s business how khloe looks???’ Said one. “What she decides to do to her body or face or hair or anything else isn’t hurting anyone....people need to not be offended by her wanting to feel good about herself.”

Other comments included:

  • “Wow all the nastiness in these comments….”

  • “We would all do it [if] we had the money she had 😂.”

  • “But it IS money well spent. If she likes whatever she's morphing into, let her be..”

Here, here!!

This isn't the first time people have commented on Khloe's changing appearance. Last week, Kris shared an adorable throwback of her daughters sat on their grandma's lap. Despite the fact that Khlo is basically a baby people still had something to say about how different she looks (FYI, that's what tends to happen when you grow up).

Seriously, let her live. No one has any place to make mean comments about the way someone else looks. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t comment! Ignore the haters Khlo, we see you shining.

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