People spot funny moment between Zendaya and Paul Mescal at the SAG Awards: ‘She wasn’t into it’

SAG Awards viewers are sharing their amusement over an interaction between Zendaya and Paul Mescal, after the Euphoria star appeared to decline the actor’s attempt to escort her on stage.

On Sunday, Zendaya and Mescal took to the stage at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles at the 29th annual awards to present the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series to Jessica Chastain.

As they walked on stage together, Mescal appeared to hold out his hand as if he was about to grab Zendaya’s arm. However, she did not lean into the offer, with the actress instead continuing up the stairs to the stage unassisted.

The moment sparked amusement on Twitter, where viewers suggested that Zendaya declined Mescal’s attempt to escort her up to the stage.

“Paul Mescal trying to help Zendaya up the stairs and she said nah,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Paul Mescal tried to escort Zendaya and she wasn’t into it,” another person wrote.

“Not Zendaya swerving Paul Mescal’s hand,” someone else tweeted of the moment.

Others suggested that it was Mescal who ultimately decided not to offer the help, with one person writing: “LOL not Paul Mescal going to grab Zendaya’s arm and then backing away.”

Although some found the moment awkward, the majority of viewers were appreciative to see the duo present the award together, with many sharing their hopes that the actors will one day star in a romcom together.

“Zendaya and Paul Mescal is a GOOD MATCH,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Put Zendaya and Paul Mescal into a romcom now.”

For the SAG Awards red carpet, Zendaya wore a pale pink strapless gown adorned with roses. She later underwent an outfit change, with the actress taking to the stage in a pink, blue and black strapless gown.