People are sharing their worst wedding nightmares on the internet

Alice Sholl
Be thankful you’ve never been to anything like these [Photo: Pexels]

Ever been to a wedding where guests have ended up in ambulances, the groom has got too stoned to function or the bride and her mother have ended up in a fist fight?

Perhaps, perhaps not. But some Mumsnet users haven’t been spared from such an experience.

On one of the website’s discussions titled ‘What’s the worst wedding you’ve ever been to?’, people are sharing stories of the worst that they’ve ever attended, whether it was down to poor planning, unforeseen accidents or outrageous guests.

Sometimes its the bride and groom causing havoc [Photo: Pexels]

“Everything seemed to be going okay until the speeches,” one person wrote on the thread.

“Best man did his speech, then newly married husband stood up, informed everyone that his new wife had actually been sleeping with the best man for the last six months and that he had decided to go ahead with the wedding today just so her parents could pay for it all.

“Cue chaos, bride crying, guests either left or drunk lots of brandy at the bar and the husband went to another bar in the hotel and got wrecked and then charged it all back to the honeymoon suite which was already paid for by the bride’s parents!”

The course of love never did run smooth [Photo: Pexels]

Other stories had easily-offended in-laws to thank:

“The one where several of the groom’s family left halfway through the meal because they thought the bride’s side of the family had all got more prawns in their prawn cocktails,” another wrote.

One commenter’s story will ring true for anyone with the tendency to get hangry. “There was a mix up between the bride and the caterers and there was only HALF THE FOOD THERE SHOULD BE,” they said.

Tip for the perfect wedding: don’t sleep with the best man beforehand [Photo: Pexels]

“So we all got one plate between two. Half a chicken breast. Three green beans. Half a bread roll. The bride was in tears.”

Then there’s the matter of fisticuffs.

“The bride and groom got into a drunken fight which culminated in her stabbing him with a fork and the police having to be called,” wrote another.

And not just among couples, either: “The worst one that I went to was many years ago where the bride and her mother got into a fist fight in the toilets,” said another user.

“Well classy!”

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