People Are Sharing The Weirdest And Most Jaw-Dropping Things They've Ever Witnessed At A Wedding, And The Drama Is Worthy Of A Reality TV Show

Reddit user u/Professional-Owl-341 posed the question: "What's the most WTF thing you've ever seen happen at a wedding?" To my delight, the thread quickly filled with hundreds of deeply chaotic, baffling, and even hilarious stories of weddings gone awry. Here's what people shared:

1."The groom's mom was suddenly laying down at the base of some steps on the dance floor, screaming bloody murder, yelling, 'My hip, my hip!' Someone called 911 and everyone was falling over each other to see if she was okay...except for her kids and the bride, who were all furiously rolling their eyes at each other. Turns out, this is just one of the many things that she pulls when she isn't being the center of attention. She took her ambulance ride, got her X-rays, and was completely fine, but was very upset that they kept the party going without her instead of canceling out of respect for her injury. Let me tell you, I have never seen someone more stubborn to keep a party going than that bride. She even opened the bar up for the rest of the night since the faker was footing the bill."


2."The groom was drunk, standing on the hood of the best man's car, and hood-surfing around the hotel parking lot. The groom ended up getting launched off the hood onto the asphalt. The bride and groom ended up at ER, and she had blood all over her dress. Kids...tsk, tsk, tsk."


ambulance on the road
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3."After the toast, the bride said she had a surprise for everyone and started playing a video. They got married a year ago in secret, and only two people there knew about it. They kept it a secret from everyone, even the parents didn't know. At the end of the video, the bride turned to the cameras and said, 'Surprise, bitches. You're at our one-year anniversary.'"


4."They wanted their German Shepherd in the wedding. He walked down by the bride and took a dump. Hilarious."


german shepherd
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5."During the reception, the maid of honor told the bride she was pregnant with the groom’s child. That led to the NEXT wedding where the groom was now marrying the former maid of honor, and the ex-wife told her that she was also pregnant with, you guessed it, the groom's child."


6."The maid of honor did a wide receiver dive trying to catch the bouquet and went right through the wedding cake."


bride throwing her bouquet
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7."The best man pulled the chair out from behind the bride as she was sitting down (to be 'funny') after a toast to her new husband, and she went straight down and seriously injured her back. Paramedics took her away in an ambulance. Reception over."


8."The kid bearing the ring arrived at the altar with no ring on the little pillow. The quick-thinking father of the groom substituted his own wedding ring (the original ring was never found). Later in the ceremony, the organist passed out slumped on the keyboard, treating us all to a glorious sustained cluster chord on the pipe organ."


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9."A male relative of mine got married. His mother died a couple of weeks before the ceremony. His widowed father showed up to the wedding with his new girlfriend, who was wearing the dead mother's clothes. It was the dress she had picked out for the wedding, her shoes, and her jewelry. Our whole family was shocked. They spent the whole day telling everyone they saw that it would have been a shame to not use it since it was such a happy coincidence that his late wife and new girlfriend shared the same size. Needless to say, the groom loves his wife, but doesn't like to talk about the wedding."


10."At the reception, the best man and groom were drunk and started fighting. Cops were called, and the groom decided he would win a fight with the 6'5 state trooper. They had to hog-tie him after he kicked two other officers. I was the photographer doing a favor for a friend."


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Douglas Sacha / Getty Images

11."I attended a wedding where they had hired private security to ensure the bride's father and stepmom wouldn't come in and disrupt everything. After security blocked them from going in, I guess they decided to get drunk in the car. They then came back and proceeded to beat up the security guards with their empty liquor bottles. Before the wedding, I overheard the groom's family calling the bride paranoid and selfish, saying that she should've invited her dad. Obviously, they had never met him before."


12."I saw the father of the bride run away with the mother of the groom mid-reception. Apparently they had bonded during the wedding preparations and fell in love as they were looking at reception venues in Napa Valley."


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13."The dress code was coat and tie, so some dude who was an 'uncle' of the bride showed up wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. He would only refer to himself as 'Dr. Feelgood' (easily 10 years after the Mötley Crüe song came out), proceeded to get hammered, shoved the lead singer of the band offstage, and started loudly singing whatever song had been previously played until he was ushered out by security. It was an open bar, and this joker still managed to clog three urinals with airplane bottles to the point that they would not flush. It was epic."


14."The groom did shots off a half-naked guest lying on the bar. There weren't very many anniversaries, as I recall."


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15."Long ago, I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed a NASCAR themed wedding. During the reception, they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was fully unintelligible. 'BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM.' Other highlight was the owner locking himself in his office to avoid the bride’s father because he was threatening to haggle him on the costs. In the end, we had to call the police because the bride, while in-gown, climbed over the bar to steal more sweet, sweet Miller Genuine Draft after we had closed the taps and the event was over."


16."There was a thunderclap at the 'if anyone objects...' bit in the ceremony. The groom got caught cheating on the bride two months later."


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17."The couple was conservative and evangelical Christian. The bride had always been a Christian, but the groom had converted sometime in his mid-to-late 20s. As such, the bride was a virgin and the groom was not. Not a big deal, except every single one of his groomsmen brought it up during their speeches. Like, they felt the need to let everyone know that the groom had gotten laid before and now got to bang a virgin. It was truly gross."


18."The father of the bride speech was quite literally one hour and 18 minutes long. I’ve never had worse secondhand embarrassment in my entire life. I still don’t understand why or how the maid of honor or best man didn’t take the mic away to wrap it up. Mind you, nobody could get up and go to the bar that whole time, and it’s not like this was at the end of the wedding. It was before dinner."


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19."The best man got so drunk, he took a shit in the middle of the dance floor. Then, he vomited in the pile of shit."


20."100 extra people showed up who hadn't RSVP'd, some of whom weren't even invited. The catering hall tried to be cool and accommodate everyone, but there simply wasn't enough space, tables, or food for them all. By the end, they had little slices of ham cut into cubes being served as an hors d'oeuvre."


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21."The groom got up during the reception to announce that they (both 18 years old) were already expecting a child. They had purposefully gotten pregnant so their parents would have to let them get married, and the very religious parents were ashamed and trying to keep it a secret. But, after the groom so loudly announced it to everyone else, a brawl broke out between the families, each accusing the other's kid of entrapping the other."


22."The groom smashed cake in the bride's face. Her dad immediately led him outside and all you heard was a thump. A moment later, the dad walked back in."


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23."The groom AND bride started to drunkenly make out with two guests. The groom started to intimately dance with those two guests and groped them to love songs. The bride and groom's young kids were present to witness it. It was awkward/uncomfortable as hell, and I don’t think either of them remembered it the day after."


24."The boyfriend of the maid of honor punched out the photographer and smashed his camera for taking a picture of his girlfriend."


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25."I worked at an event hall for weddings all through college. I saw so much. I caught grooms hooking up with maids of honor in the bathroom. There was a bride who had red wine spilled all over her wedding dress by a drunk uncle. Once, a DJ got trapped in an elevator while 'Timber' by Pitbull played on repeat. Another time, the child of the bride was mad about having a new stepdad and pulled the fire alarm. There was once a mother-in-law who did an uninterrupted 20-minute speech about how much she hated her new daughter-in-law. Somebody threw up in their wine glass and kept dancing. Lots of injuries. Called the cops, EMTs, and fire department on multiple occasions. I could go on for hours."


26."The groomsmen and father of the groom were stupid drunk, and during the dancing, they started hanging/swinging from the rafters of the fancy restaurant we were in. One groomsman swung from a rafter and tried to hang onto the chandelier, and of course it crashed down onto the floor. By some miracle, no one was seriously hurt. I do wonder what they had to pay the restaurant in damages…"


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Chiccododifc / Getty Images/iStockphoto

27."I used to work at a hotel doing weddings and saw many things. The highlights include the wedding party minus the bride all breaking into the spa and sitting in the jacuzzi in all their clothes, a man who got extremely drunk and drew cartoons all over the expensive tablecloth and then asked to buy it, and one time, a three-legged dog broke in and wouldn't let any guests out of the room we were in."


28."A bee flew up the bride's dress and stung her on the hoo-ha during the photos. She was leaping about, screaming, while we collapsed with laughter."


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29."The drunk groom took a shit in a sink. Too bad for him, he was too drunk to remember to drop his pants. Walked in the bathroom, and the dude was sitting in one of the sinks."


30."One of the bridesmaids got caught doing the nasty with the groom. Needless to say, the wedding was called off and presents were picked up at the door when people left. Most awkward thing ever since everyone was so confused."


bride finding the groom cheating
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31."The bride's mother showed up, refused to sit at the table she was assigned to, and rearranged some seating to accommodate herself and her other daughter. She ensured she was at the table closest to the exit. She refused to talk to the groom's family and gave dirty looks to the bride's father and stepmother. She loudly exclaimed that the turkey that was served was the most overcooked thing she’d ever eaten and the wine selection was atrocious. She doesn’t even drink wine. The second the bride's father got up to make a speech, she got up and silently left, taking the bride's younger sister with her. Two weeks later, the bride, the groom, the groom's mother, and the bride's grandmother all got nasty letters about how disgusting the whole event was and that she was ashamed to be acquainted with them. I was the bride; she was my mother. Now she’s just Kathy."


32."The couple ignored the entire group of wedding guests and only talked/took pictures with their bridesmaids/groomsmen. Then, the second the wedding ceremony was over, they grabbed a whiskey bottle and proceeded to drink from the same bottle while passing it around to their wedding party. Everyone at that wedding was pissed they spent the time and money to go. It was like a white trash sorority party."


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33."I was a wedding caterer. The venue I worked at had a strict rule about no outside alcohol. I worked with my mom, and she noticed that the groom and groomsmen were extremely intoxicated very early on in the day. She went in their rooms and found a bunch of moonshine and put it behind the bar, but it was too late. The groom had to be helped to the altar to marry his PREGNANT wife. Poor thing. After dinner, I was clearing plates and I walked outside where the groom immediately hit on me. I was 16 and just turned right around and went back inside."


34."I attended a wedding reception where the wait staff started to become generally distracting during dinner. They were sweeping the floors, spraying windows, and creating more of a mess than anything. They would ask guests to move, interrupting their conversations and meal. They would clear away bottles of wine and champagne that hadn't been finished, then quickly bring another, just to grab it away again. One of the waiters even sat down and poured himself a drink. It was confusing and a bit appalling, but not as much as it was amusing. Turns out, they were the hired entertainment! It created quite a buzz of conversation once we had all processed what was happening. I've never seen anything else like it."


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35.And: "I walked into the bathroom to take a break from dancing. The bride was sitting on the floor by herself, crying her eyes out. I stopped to talk to her, and apparently she didn’t want to get married but felt forced to because she and the groom had had sex once. She wasn’t pregnant, but she felt she was obligated to marry him because of her religious views. We talked for at least 15 minutes because I didn’t want to leave her alone (this was before cell phones were really a thing), and finally her grandma came into the bathroom and took over. I barely knew the bride, as the groom was a friend of my boyfriend’s and I was just a plus one. I got back to the dance floor and the groom was happily dancing with his groomsmen, completely oblivious to the fact that his bride was missing."

"I ran into the groom about a decade later and he reported he was the proud dad of four kids and was still happily married. I hope for his wife’s sake that the marriage was a happy one and she wasn’t lying to him because she felt obligated to stay married."


YIKES!!!! Sounds like a lot of costly mistakes and music to any divorce attorney's ears. What's the wildest thing you've seen go down at a wedding?

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.